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Running Office 2011 on MBP and since I upgraded to Mavericks from 10.8, my Conditional Format selection box is totally obscured by the Apple Menu bar so that only a scant part shows below it. I'm unable to move it and thus unable to use the feature. I've looked in Excel Prefs but there's nothing in terms of window placements etc. ANY help appreciated. Tired it with both 20 inch display as well as laptop but the pulldown is always on the MBP not on the larger screen.


Never had this problem prior to upgrade. TIA



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 10GB RAM
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    Managed to solve the problem by going into System Preferences and resizing the display(s). Something must have altered the default display resolutions I had in 10.8 which caused certain pulldown menus to be placed outside the monitor footprint as well as not displaying on the current monitor and thus reverting to the default one on the MBP.


    Hope that helps someone.