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People with a harddrive that is more than half full with old iMovie events are reporting that the size of the old iMovie events + the size of the new iMovie 10 library is LARGER THAN THE SIZE OF THEIR HARDDRIVE.


Also I can confirm that "updating" large iMovie event libraries takes place FASTER THAN IS POSSIBLE.  For example, let's say you have 500GB of old iMovie events and you "update" them.  iMovie 10 will create a roughly 500GB "library" file in a minute or two.  It is physically impossible for any mac to write 500GB of data to an external hard drive in a minute or two.


This implies that iMovie 10 isn't really creating a large new "library" file/folder that contains all your old movies.  It's somehow pointing to those old movies while creating a fake library file that looks big but isn't.


So when is it really safe, if ever, to delete your old movies?


What happens if you copy this library file to another hard drive that doesn't contain your old movies?


How much hard drive space do you need to buy to fit your old movies plus this new fake library file?


All this needs to be explained.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • ebrandon_appleuser Level 1 (0 points)

    Also if you have two iMovie 10 libraries, and you want to consolidate them here's what you do:


    In iMovie 10, you drag all the events from one of the libraries into the other.  This copies them so you end up with the same events in both libraries (AGAIN IMPOSSIBLY FAST).  Then you can close and delete the duplicate library.


    When is it safe to delete the duplicate library?

    Are all the events copied over, or just pointers to the events?


    How can we use this program if we don't understand what it's doing?

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    I noticed the exact same thing.


    I didn't pay very good attention to things as I went along so some of this may be bogus, but here's what I observed:


    1. I could have sworn that my 4 TB Fusion drive had about 900 GB available before I "upgraded" to iMovie 10.

    2. After upgrading I now have an huge file called iMovie Library which is really a folder in disguise that sits in my Movies folder right along side my old "iMovie Events" folder.

    3. When I do a Get Info on my new iMovie Library it shows that it's 787 GB in size.

    4. When I do a Get Info on my old "iMovie Events" folder it shows that it's 804 GB in size.

    5. If I go in and explore the contents of each of these I'm finding the same clips located in both places. Same file size. Both are playable etc.

    6. If I look at how much disk space remains on my Fusion drive it's still saying about 900 GB.


    If all of my video clips were really duplicated I would expect something more like only 100 GB remaining, not 900 GB. Also, I would have expected that duplication to have taken FOREVER, however I never noticed it occur. (Don't remember if I did the upgrade and then walked away from the computer for a few hours or something though.)


    Anyway, I'm baffeled by these findings. I also have a bunch of other problems, like neither my clips nor projects coming over into iMovie 10. No clue why not.


    After the complains I've been reading about iMovie 10, I think I'm just going to revert back to 9.


    If anyone can shed some light on what is really going on here, it would be much appreciated.

  • patrus Level 1 (0 points)

    do you recomend to delete "iMovie Library" folder?

    I delete the 10 version and will use the 9 version and my disk is full because of that

  • ebrandon_appleuser Level 1 (0 points)

    If you will NOT use iMovie 10 (the new 2013 version) you do not need the iMovie Library folder it created.  You can delete it.


    iMovie 11 (the old version) will continue to use your old folder called "iMovie events" etc.

  • cdj123 Level 1 (10 points)

    I agree - same thing here.  Very strange behavior.  Which is the master?  The new iMovie Library or the older folder???  Chris

  • cdj123 Level 1 (10 points)

    Very strange indeed.  If I do a get info on my user directory in the Finder, it is now bigger than my hard drive capacity!  If I do a get info on my hard drive, it still shows space available.  This is bad...  Chris

  • cdj123 Level 1 (10 points)

    If you delete the new iMovie Library how much space is there on the Fusion Drive.  Is it still 900GB?

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    I have the same problen. I have tried deleting all events and projects from iMovie 10 but it still leaves a massive iMovie library on the hard drive. I assume this is still pointing to the external hard drive back ups I created. Surely, the point of having external drives is to free up the imac hard drive.


    Noticed in the imovie help it says 'If a clip you’re deleting is in use anywhere else in your library, it is not deleted.' but I have deleted all projects and events, have hit update projects and events and yet the imove library still remains huge in size?


    Do we need to wait for an Apple software update to resolve this problem?

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    I just update to Mavericks and iMovie v.10 on my Mac Pro. I have a drive dedicated for iMovie Events. I typically import Full HD movies from my DSLR into iMovie at half-res to save space on my HD. 


    First, the entire UI for iMovie has changed and it doesn't really tell us which drive we are importing to. There is no option for resolution.


    Second, when I tried to find the event file in Finder, it wasn't in the normal place, but there was a new library file.

    When I opened the library, the new event was there with all my old ones.


    The drive is 640GB capacity. I have used 583 GB and the old iMovie Events folder is 580 GB. Now Finder is reporting the iMovie Library file is 552 GB.  How can that be ?  Never seen this kind of convoluted scheme on Mac.

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    I don't know if you got an answer to your pb ? But as far as I'm concerned, I have exactly the same big issue. This kind of thing seems impossible. For me, both directories are 1.6 To big, 60% bigger than my disk capacity. Meanwhile, if I delete an old event from my "events library" (from iMovie 9), I still can find it from the new (iMovie 10) library: good point but since I don't understand how all this stuff works, I don't trust in iMovie 10 and I'm waiting for an official explaination from Apple before doing anything with iMovie 10 (or 9). Apologize for my english, I'm french ;-)


  • ag-ok Level 1 (15 points)

    No definite explanation about how it works yet, but I'm hesitant to upgrade my hard drive until I can fully understand. My guess is use of UNIX symbolic links for the directories between iMovie ver. 9 to 10.

    Not sure why Finder would count the size twice though.


    Any Apple engineers out there willing to chime in ??

  • Saksinatra Level 1 (0 points)

    Good assumption indeed ! Symbolic links under Unix could be a start of explaination... I would be curious to know how they manage them (if they do). I used to worked with Unix for some years and for sure the use of symbolic can be more than tricky... Cheers.

  • geek_42 Level 1 (0 points)

    iMovies 10 uses hard links. This means that two entries int the file system share the same content. Unlike symbolic links they are symmetric:


    $ ls -l
    total 159000
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 geek_42  wheel  81403972 Jun 14 16:59 original


    Let's look at the disk usage (du)


    $ du
    159000     .


    lets create a hard link:


    $ ln original link


    note that the the number of links is now 2 (the number next to the permissions) Also note that it seems we use the double disk space (318000):


    $ ls -l
    total 318000
    -rw-r--r--@ 2 geek_42  wheel  81403972 Jun 14 16:59 link
    -rw-r--r--@ 2 geek_42  wheel  81403972 Jun 14 16:59 original


    But du tells us we are not using more dsik space:


    $ du
    159000     .


    now we remove the original


    $ rm original


    and the hard linked file is still there (and we have only 1 link):


    $ ls -l
    total 159000
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 geek_42  wheel  81403972 Jun 14 16:59 link


    and again disk usage did not change:


    $ du
    159000     .


    I hope this explains it.

  • stefanog Level 1 (20 points)

    yes, but if you move events to an external drive, how do you know they have been copied and you can delete teh folder on teh internal drive or just unplug the external drive? Is there a progress bar that indicates that?

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