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  • Rich Fleming Level 6 Level 6
    Why didn't you do a search!!!!
    Why didn't you use a question mark when asking a question, as opposed to 4 exclamation marks?

    Instead of yelling at the users here, perhaps you could have taken the time to explain how to use the search, or even provided a link to some search results?
  • Alex6 Level 2 Level 2
    That is about the worst thing you can do, actually.

    In the first place you're not supposed to have the computer on your lap. Its in the user manual.

    Secondly, you're not supposed to rest the laptop on a soft surface because it restricts airflow under the computer, causing heat. The little rubber feet are there to provide a few mm of space for air to flow underneath. Its in the user manual.

    Honestly people, read the manual. If anyone burns their legs or fries their computer its user error, not Apple's fault.

    A hard surface such as a desk (or cutting board as i have heard) works well, as well as products like the iLap or iCoolPad.
  • staticuxo Level 1 Level 1
    i don't think it's that we're not allowed to use our macbook pros on a pillow or a bed or our lap, but that it's not recommended due to the heat it can cause.

    i use mine all the time on my lap, a pillow and on my bed. i'm using it on my bed now, plugged in, and it's running at 48C.
  • camhabib Level 2 Level 2
    Unlike most portables that have the fans ports on the bottom, the fans on the MBP move air from the top and back spine of the computer. This means that resting it on a pillow or blanket will not have as much an effect on the MBP as it would other computers. This doesn't mean that you SHOULD use the computer in this mannor. If you feel the computer becoming too hot while in use on these surfaces, you should move it to a flat hard surface to allow it to cool.

    You have to realize that Apple puts many of these "warnings" in the manual, not because the computer is incapable (of being used on a lap for example), but incase someone were to injure themselves, they would be unable to bring a lawsuit against Apple.
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