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    Hi guys, I feel for you all as this issue still hasn't been resolved, which is really naughty of Apple to leave professionals high and dry without a solution for such a long period of time. Following on from my discussion during my initial post, they still haven't done anything and as you can see, then issue isn't going away. The day after I posted this, with the Perian fix, I copied all the files from my office macpro running 10.6.8 and FCP 7.0.3 into my C:\Library\QuickTime folder and FCP could then export and save in the XDCAN format.


    This link will only last 14 days, but I hope will help a few of you with issues upgrading to ApplePro_Quicktime Codec pack 1.0.3. The issue I had was ALL my Sony XDCAM EX footage wouldn't play back (black screen with audio). The Perian link I found works on playback, but doesn't work on FCP encode out, so if your timeline is XDCAM, then you're in trouble.


    Download link


    Good luck.


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    Problem solved. As it was already said it's probably the 1.0.3. ProApps update issue.


    Just need to replace the "AppleHDVCodec.component" in \Library\QuickTime folder.

    After that please restart your mac.


    New file to be replaced:


    Kind regards

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    Green Video in FCP7 -- Yesterday I ran a 'Apple --> Software Upgrade' and it installed the new Quicktime Codecs. As a result I saw green video in preview/canvas in FCP 7 (finder preview of files showed black video but audio was fine). After spending an hour on the phone with Apple Pro Tech support nothing was solved and I luckily found this thread. I had a 2 month old TimeMachine backup and used the old Library/Quicktime folder content to replace the current Library/Qucktime folder content on my Mac Book Pro. Problem solved - all video plays as it should.

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    Hello All,


    Same nightmare on my computer-- HDV footage showing only green screen. I had just updated to OS 10.6.8, and I'm using FCP 7.0.3.  Thought it was due to my OS update but I'm so glad I found this thread and realized it was the Pro Apps update I did just after the OS update.   I figured it was a codec issue, because before I found this thread I noticed that all my standard def 720 x 480 footage played just fine.  Luckily I made a bootable copy of my HD in 10.5.8 just before I upgraded, and was able to find the earlier version of the "AppleHDVCodec.component" in the Quicktime Library.  I swapped it out for the corrupted one, and now all my HDV footage plays fine.


    Apple doesn't seem to be rushing to share a fix-- I'm wondering if the corrupted codec it is their way to get us to move to FCP10!?!  But I have too many FCP 7 projects in progress to move to FCPX.


    I'm afraid to upgrade my OS beyond 10.6.8-- does anyone know if FCP 7.0.3 is rock solid working in an OS beyond 10.6.8?  Thanks for any input.



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    Thanks for the links, but none of that worked.


    Reformatting.  Sigh.  **** off, Apple.

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    I'm now running OS 10.7.5 and after simply replacing the updated Quicktime folder content in the system 'library' with the old Quicktime folder content I was able to pull out of 'TimeMachine' everything works fine with FCP 7.0.3. During my hour on the phone with Apple Support, I was being transferred from one to the next person and everyone seemed eager to 'help' but in the end only told me that they don't support FCP7 anymore suggesting I use FCPX instead.  I do have FCPX installed as well, but am still not comfortable with it. I agree that perhaps this codec update was designed to entice everyone make the switch to FCPX. #FAIL



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    I feel so fortunate to have found this thread, as I've had the same, sudden problem that all of you have recently faced.  I'm a professional editor and my work has come to a stand-still because of this as well.


    @makbookpro: Thank you for posting the link to the entire Quicktime folder, however, as I tried to download the files in what appears to be 12 days after you posted it (within the 14 day window), the file was no longer available for download. 


    Can you (or someone else) please post the quicktime folder again?


    Thank you in advance,



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    Hey @FishCam, I cannot believe there is still an issue with this Apple Codec upgrade. I've re-uploaded the initial Codec pack from my MacPro with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed and FCP 7.0.1, without the pro-codec pack upgrade 1.0.3.


    This link will only last 7 days (from Thursday 19th December 2013), but I hope will help a few of you with issues upgrading to ApplePro_Quicktime Codec pack 1.0.3. The issue I had was ALL my Sony XDCAM EX footage wouldn't play back (black screen with audio). The Perian link I found works on playback, but doesn't work on FCP encode out, so if your timeline is XDCAM, then you're in trouble.



    Download link



    Good luck.


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    Thanks so much @makbookpro for reposting the link.  Yes, I'm pretty blown away with Apple over this.  I've been working with FCP since version 1.1 and prefer working with FCP 6 and FCP 7.  In those two versions, I can fly through the edit sessions, blindfolded.  With FCPX, I feel like a fish out of water.  I'm finding it difficult to find the time to re-learn an editing program that is really nothing like the editing program that I've been on for the past 14 years.  Even when I transitioned from Avid Media Composer systems, which I worked on full-time for 6 years, over to FCP, I was able to pick it up right away. 


    One person mentioned something that made a bit of sense to me.  Perhaps this might be Apple's way to "kill off" the remaining FCP 6 & 7 users in order to get everyone onboard with FCPX.  I can certainly see the potential for a sneaky move like that from Apple, even though I've been a die-hard Apple user for 20 years.


    Thanks again,



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    Hey Makbookpro!


    I am so thankful that I have just found this dam blog. I had this problem with my Apple tower, then the problem litteraly just happened to my Imac. I then knew it had to be an update. I checked and saw something about The quicktime ProApps and googled it and found you guys. Could I please get that link one more time. Or is there a way to just say screw the update and delete quicktime and download an older version?






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    pantherchaiet, My work around this was to uninstal FCP (just the app, not the content), and then do a re-install followed by the updates again but avoid that particular pro apps update.


    It's been a while since i have followed this thread...does anyone know if an actual fix for this has been released and/or an update that avoids this problem from either Sony or Apple?



  • pantherchaiet Level 1 Level 1

    Hey birdman, any chance you have the same link again. I have come accross the same problem.

    Much Appreciated

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    Sorry for the delay guys. Please find the link to the QuickTime Library for Snow Leopard FCP701, to solve issues with QuickTime died after ProApps QT Codecs update to 1.03.


    Download link


    All the very best,


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    GODDAM LIFE SAVOR MAKBOOKPRO!!!!!!!! ahhh two months of aggrivation are slowly dissapearing!

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    You're welcome @pantherchaiet. To be honest, it's shocking that Apple haven't yet fixed this issue. Looks like @fishcam could be right in his thinking. A possible gam for Apple to force an upgrade for everyone using legacy software. I was in a real situation with my business editing 8 HD cams for a concert we'd recorded for a client, all footage in XDCAM and against my own rule, I upgraded my machine to Snow Leopard and automatically upgraded the Codec pack. What a shocker when I couldn't edit for a few days. I'm glad to have helped here and it's great to know the community is out there to help when we all hit issues every now and then.