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    I have been experiencing the graphics corruption issue described as Problem #2:  Graphical artifacts appearing on the home screen when I boot-up in the morning and it becomes dramatically worse (or simply more and more apparent) in any/all application screens (Safari, iPhoto, etc.). 


    A Restart seems to resolve it... While a start-up after shutting down seems to create the problem.


    The Security Update 2014-002 was installed on 22 Apr - 5 days ago.  I don't know if that would have anything to do with it?


    MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

    Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

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    Yes  experiencing  this issue fist safari now iphoto

    I am thinking that my  graphic card  the problem since I am using a Power Mac Pro 2009

    hopefully it will be resolved

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    Same problem here!


    2010 MBP with 8GB aftermarket RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330m 512mb, 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, running OSX 10.9.2. Yesterday I was running Wineskin, Outlook, Excel, Safari, Firefox, Skype, and iPhoto when all the sudden the screen froze, then became covered with multi-colored pixelated bars running in a herringbone sort of pattern across the screen. Tapping the housing changes the color/layout of the effect, sometimes its static and other times flashing like crazy. As soon as this happens, the entire machine becomes unresponsive - the cursor disappears occasionally and when I can move it, it doesn't allow me to click on anything. The keyboard is also completely unresponsive, even though I can still sort of see the screen and move the cursor about.


    The problem seems to build over time - when the problem occurs, I have to force a shut down and unless I give it 20 or so minutes, nothing will have changed when I reboot. If I wait a while, the screen will appear normal and I can successfully boot up but within 20 minutes the problem returns and freezes everything up.


    I've tried zapping the PRAM, checked the HD (it had to be repaired, which I did this morning successfully - it checked out ok after that), shut off graphics switching (ironically when I did this, the problem started up immediately), and tried shutting off memory compression. Nothing has worked so far.


    I'm going to try switching out the RAM for the original sticks next, and I noticed there is an update (10.9.3) available for download - I just don't know if I can even download it in the little time I have while the machine is working, before it decides to crash again. Most people on this forum seem to have a purely graphical error that doesn't necessarily freeze the machine, but once it happens for me, it's game over - have to force a shut down and put it away for a half hour. Any ideas or suggestions? Is this likely a hardware issue with the logic board and/or NVIDIA chip?

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    Quick update - switching back to the original RAM didn't help. In fact things only seem to be even worse. Now, if the graphical problems start while booting up, the machine freezes and shuts itself down with a typical kernel panic warning. Tried rebooting in safe mode and the screen stayed black - I could adjust the volume (from the keyboard) and hear the resulting beeps that go along with it, but couldn't see a thing. Eventually it restarted itself, screen came back on, and pixel **** started all over again.

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    I am having the same problem as well. Any solutions from Apple yet ?

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    Alright gentlemen and gentleladies, which one of us mid-2010 Macbook Pro users is going to take the plunge and install OS X Yosemite?

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    I tink almost everyone with this issue, including myself, had it fixed by 10.9.2.

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    I think I'll wait until it's out of beta.

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    Agreed. The Pehtis fix quickly became unnecessary, and I haven't had any recurrence since 10.9.0 no matter which settings I use. I think that's proof that some people were having a hardware problem, while for the vast majority of us, it was a Mavericks issue.

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    Nopes... still have issues with 10.9.3

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    I have the latest updates and still have this problem.

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    I have this problem on my new mac pro late 2013.  It occurs when using the finder to search a lot.  It goes away with restart and eventually returns - sometimes after weeks.  which will make it very hard to track down.  that's why some people think that zapping PRAM or hard restart has helped. it's just the restart, nothing else, that makes it seem to be fixed for awhile.

    rbdancer - i bet your problem will eventually recur.

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    Tried this recently. Just reporting back that it didn't help.

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    Well I guess you're lucky. Mine is up to date and still having the issue.

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    Hi i am from Indonesia.

    I have a macbook pro 13.3 inch mid 2010 models with nvidia geforce 320M also have problem with the glitching and scrambling screen however i noticed that the icons are just fine. so i assume that the vga card isn't faulty.


    apparently with the 13.3 inch model we do not have the automatic switching graphic card options.


    My questions are simple yet maybe unanswerable

    Will reverting to OSX mountain lion fix this problem? or would this be permanent regardless which OSX we use?

    What is the different between mountain lion and mavericks? is there a significant upgrade (software wise)? is there a reason why we must use mavericks?

    Is there a cure at all from apple for this problem?


    Please help me

    Thank you