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Having problems with my iPhone 5s and any device with iOS 7 recognizing my credit card readers and other external devices.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I would check with the manufacturer of the reader to see if it is supported in iOS 7.

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    I have checked the app supports iOS 7. I also updated the app which addressed the card reader. It seems to be an Apple Firmware issue. I was hoping there maybe something I may have missed.  I guess I will wait for Apple to remember all the retail POS apps out there running businesses. I noticed their credit card readers had no problem taking my card when I bought my new phones.

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    In addition the PayPal card reader dies not work either.

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    Re: Andrei Colec. Yes have same issue with credit card reader plugged to iPhone. I recently updated OS software so this possible problem why - maybe reader not supported by new os system. Thank you. Andrei Colec

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    Okay, so what user troubleshooting have you done on the phone? The steps are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as new. These are 3rd party apps and would need to comply with the Apple iOS. If the version that you are using is supposed to support iOS 7, then you need to do the user troubleshooting. If the device does not support iOS 7, that issue is with the app developer, not Apple. Since you say the first device is supposed to support iOS 7, I would make sure it supports iOS 7.0.x, which ever version you are on. You might want to try and delete the app from the phone and download it again to see if that helps.