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Hello Everybody,


I'm trying to get some input on whether or not to sell my licensed copy of Logic 9 Studio. I recently purchased Logic X and Mainstage 3 from the App store.

Part of me want's to keep it just for sentimental reasons. I like how the box looks on my shelf. But I looked on ebay today and saw that they seem to be selling for anywhere between $200 and $250.

My main question I guess is would I be giving up anything that I didn't get with Logic X besides waveburner and compressor?

Can anybody think of any other reasons to hang on to it? I like Logic X, I'm a novice that just believes in paying for software. Most of what I use logic for I could probably do in garage band.


Thank you in advance for any input anybody has,



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    I am still currently using Logic 9. I am sure that I will get Logic X within the next year. This is my reason for keeping Logic 9. Control. All of the software providers have moved to subscription base and software DL. This is good for them, but annoys me. I like to know that I can disconnect from the internet and be able to load an use the software. I know this will only be good for a short time. Because of the activation process. But I will keep mine until it won't work on this computer and can't be activated in the future. If it gets to annoying. I have a computer / anolog combinaton that I will revert back to. There is something about physically having the discs and loading them that gives a since of ownership. DL from site makes it clear that you are just renting until the new version comes along. They don't need to tax the internet. It's built into the system.

    That's my rant for the year



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    If you are happy with Logic X, and don't use Logic 9 anymore, and/or if you need the money, sell. If you still use Logic 9 for some sessions, keep. It sounds like you are not dealing with clients, but only using Logic for your personal music/work. Assuming this is the case, the choice is completely yours.