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I recently downloaded GarageBand 10.0.0 and Logic Remote for the iPad, the thing is, it only stays connected when:


(1) GarageBand does not have any open projects or

(2) When the project is about to be closed, as the user is being prompted to: "Don't Save", "Cancel" or "Save"


I know Logic Remote connects to the Mac I am using since it tells me to open a project first, then right after I open a project,

logic remote always tells me


"The connection to <computer name> was lost. Please select the Mac you wish to connect to"


The app then tries to reconnect and reconnect, but nothing happens.


By accident, as I tried to close the project in the Mac, whose snapshot is attached in this posting:



the app then is able to remotely control garageband...


When I cancel the project closing, the problem persists...


This actually renders the app useless...


Have you guys encountered this situation.?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.3
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