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    No luck for me.  Thanks, though.

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    I have this problem too - Logic Remote connects and immediately disconnects. The devices ARE communicating as I can see the transports on Logic X and Logic Remote show the same counter values just before disconnecting. I'm running Mavericks on a Mac Pro and Logic X and an iPad 4 for Logic Remote.


    I have read and tried everything here. It is not wifi interference - I have shut off wifi and paired with bluetooth - same thing (I have little interference anyway). I've tried removing all control surfaces and re-installing - but no help.


    Clearly it is a bug or specific setting. I'm new to this forum - does Apple support actually read this? Or is is just a user forum? Seems this problem has gone on a long time with no info from Apple.


    Anybody have any new suggestions to share?

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    Same issue as yourself here...


    Absolutely useless considering one of Apple's many tag lines are "it just works" ... infuriating.


    My Logic Remote connects for all of a second and then disconnects and then tries re-connecting over and over ... very frustrating. It does the same when I try connecting via bluetooth even - which is crazy (why it decides to tell me my wifi connection is too poor when I've switched wifi off and am attempting to use a bluetooth connection...!!)


    Have tried EVERYTHING from multiple forums and am at my wits end with Apple - their products cost ridiculous amounts of money for little pay off. Tried wifi/bluetooth/creating an ad-hoc network/disabling firewall/allowing incoming connections/sharing>enable remote management/restarts/re-downloads etc. etc etc. and still it won't work! Like you, all I get is the elapsed time appearing on both the Mac and LR LCD's but absolutely no control from LR.una


    Also unable to delete the LR from 'control surfaces' and don't even see an option to "rebuild defaults" as has been suggested also... GAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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    It seems bluetooth is the way forward for some people having similar wifi/connection issues with Logic Remote....



    and that this is achieved simply by turning wifi off before starting up Logic Remote...


    HOWEVER, I found this to still not solve the connection issue, the ipad still wants to seem to connect LR via wifi (even though wifi is deactivated...and won't use bluetooth even though it is paired and connected...WHY WHY WHY) Tried deleteing and re-installing LR (but it is re-downloaded from the cloud and seems to keep only wanting to connect via wifi - it doesn't even mention bluetooth)



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    thanks this helped so much

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    Open garageband from finder and chose "empty project". It will work.

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    I'm really surprised this issue is still hanging around. I was hoping to use LR with Garageband and it's just not happening no matter what I do. I have the latest iPad and the latest MBP so I really can't buy anything better here right now. Apple already has all my money I can through at this issue.

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    Just had a thorough session with Senior Advisor Jose at Apple and we worked through many things.  While I'm not exactly sure where the magic came, here's the key steps that should be tried (we eliminated environmental variable, such as other devices in the area, stopped and started Wifi and Bluetooth, etc - but these weren't immediately, or obviously successful-- when we cleared the Caches and the App settings folder, we had success)

    1. Shut Down (cold boot) both your iPad and your Mac
    2. Reset your WIFI router
      1. unplug the router for about 20-30 seconds
      2. plug it back in
      3. await the return of the WIFI router
    3. Restart iPad and Mac
    4. Turn off Blue Tooth on iPad (to limit confusion as these devices try to establish their relations -- this is temporary, turn it back on when they find happiness)
    5. Open Finder and click on the Go menu
    6. Hold down the option key - this exposes the Library choice on the Go menu
    7. Click Library
    8. Move the Caches folder to Trash (click it, then from File menu, select Move to Trash)
    9. Double-click the Containers folder to open it
    10. Locate the folder for garageband inside the Container folder -- it's named something like ""
    11. Move the folder to the Trash  -(click it, then from File menu, select Move to Trash)
    12. Start Garageband on the Mac
    13. Start Logic Remote on the iPad
    14. Voi la!   Connection worked for me.


    I also successfully connected with BlueTooth (with WiFi off on my iPad) after the above success with WiFi only.

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    Didn't work for me, but thanks for the post.

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    Try creating a new user account on your mac or log into a different account and open garageband and see if the connection is made and stable.

    I have garageband 10.0.2 on macbook pro retina mid 2014 and logic remote 1.1.1 on iPad 2 iOS 7.0.1 and it worked like a charm for me.

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    This worked for me... Logic Remote doesn't connect to your Mac after update to iOS 8 - Apple Support


    After following these instructions, I was able to connect with Logic Remote and record on my mac (garageband) instruments that I was playing on the ipad -- way better than playing the garageband typewriter keyboard!  Worked the other way, too -- was able to change instruments through the garageband library on the mac and the selected instrument would immediately show up on the ipad.  Pretty cool.

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