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My business works across both OSX and Windows platforms. As a Mac user, I use both OSX Mavericks and the iWork in combination with the Sharepoint portal provided by my Office 365 subscription, thus allowing me to share files with my team members who remain PC-based.


Prior to the release of OSX Mavericks and the latest version of Keynote, I could previously upload Keynote files to Sharepoint without issue. Keynote 09 files would quite happily be uploaded and held in Sharepoint, allowing the PC users in my team to download the files to their iPads.


Since upgrading to both Mavericks and the latest version of iWork 13, any new Keynote files I create show up as ZIP files that refuse to open once uploaded to Sharepoint. The only present workaround I can find is to covert new Keynote 13 files to Keynote 09 files before uploading them to Sharepoint.


Has anyone else experienced this issue or a more favourable workaround?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9), iWork 13
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    Have you tried zipping up the files prior to putting them on the Sharepoint? This latest Keynote file is an OSX "package" which, to other OS's is seen as a "folder" with files inside. In '09, a Keynote file could be a "package" or a more Windows compatible compressed file. That's another thing that appears to have changed with this latest upgrade.

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    Sadly, if I select the Keynote 13 file in the finder, the option to ZIP the file via the 'Compress' option in the file menu is greyed out and unavailable.


    What makes things worse is that my colleagues who run iPads and PC's now find themselves in a better position than me who runs a Macbook Pro and iOS devices. They simply create Keynote files via the iCloud.com portal and then download those files locally before uploading them to Sharepoint. On a Windows PC, managing these Keynote files this way allows them to be uploaded to Sharepoint without becoming corrupted. If I try to do the same on my Mac, the files then become corrupted on Sharepoint.

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    Are you attempting to .zip the file prior to putting it in Sharepoint while it still resides on your HD or attempting to .zip it while it's on another filesystem? I just tried compressing a 2013 .key file and it worked as expected.