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I created a registry of emaill addresses usimng Filemaker. Most of these came from exchangimg e-mails

I attempted to create  a mass mailing baased on the Filemaker addresses, which I was able to download to Word and then

edited out < and > brakcets  retrns etc.

I had also created most of this on a PowerBook runing Snow Leopard. I transferred to a MacMini with Mountian Lion

The list looked pretty good  I used the hide the recipients so only the recipient would see hs address

I then attemped to post this list to Mail along with a  letter. Low and behold duplcates and the re-emergenxce of <and > brackets.

There were also strange spaces indicating the possible presence of carriage returrn


My suspicions tuned to the Previous Recipients list , that was somehow plugginm in the names


All kinds of questions


Could the Previous Recipients list be creating this problem?

If so how can I delete the entire list?  In previous occasions I have found i to create more trrouble than it is worth

Is there something odd going on in Mountian Lion Mail that is causing me trouble.


Not sure what happens under the hood when I am creating a header address for sixty or so accounts


I d not want to go  sending out a mass of dupilcated mailings to my customers.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)