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I want to watch dvd tutorials from Adobe books but my computer doesn't have the slot to load a cd/dvd? What should I do?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), desktop iMac
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (52,125 points)

    a) buy the Apple USB Bus-powered SuperDrive. Its an OK drive. Works with some models of Macs. Bus powered only. Does the job.




    b) Buy an external DVD drive with an external Power supply. These can be desktop type drives (faster and more robust) or laptop type drives. You may get more of what you want. USB is fine for Interface, as the data rate is not actually very high. You can get FireWire if you prefer.

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    Buy any brand External DVD drive that connect by USB port and it will work with your new Mac computer. It does not have to an Apple superdrive and I suggest it not be the Apple superdrive.


    Apple Superdrive costs $80 and only works on Mac computer that origionally did not come with a built in DVD drive.


    Most any other brand Tray Load external DVD drive costs about $30 and works with ALL Computers, Mac (Any model/type/design) or Windows PC.

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    I too thought this was rather strange but then I started thinking that this is probably a deliberate move by Apple. If you think about it, they don't want you to create your music lists and put them onto a CD, they want you to download your music onto one of their iPods.CD players will become absolute in the not too distant future because MP 4 will take over. The same with videos, they can be put onto iPods as well. The only downside is that if I want to add my existing CD collection to iTunes I do need some way of running the CD.


    It's easier to download a computer program, whether that be software to run a trackball mouse, or photo shop why take up space storing programs on CD At home where they can easily get lost?

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    A trend ? definitely.


    A conspiracy? not likely.


    The easy-to-use software is still in the box -- all that was left out was the drive itself. Probably because Apple does not need it to install Mac OS X any more.