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I use iTunes match on a desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone. If I rate my songs (1-5 stars) on the computers, I can force a sync (store --> Update iTUnes Match) and the new song ratings seem to show up on the other devices. However, if I rate songs on my iPhone (OS 7), the new ratings don't seem to appear on the computers (even if I force the sync as described above). There doesn't seem to be a similar "force sync" in iOS 7 that is comparable to the OS X force sync. The only force sync I have found is to turn off iTunes match on the iPhone, then turn it back on. However, I then seem to loose the new ratings I added on my iPhone. This seems to only download the info from the cloud to the iPhone, rather than upload any new data (e.g. ratings) that I have on the iPhone.


Any ideas how to force a sync to iTunes match on the iPhone (or iPad) so the new song ratings are populated across all devices?




iPhone 5s, iOS 6, iOS 7