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After updated to iOS 7, not all my photos in my iPhoto library can be synced to my iPhone. Some photos will come back and disappear AGAIN after each sync.


For example, I got photos "IMG_1111", "IMG_2222", and "IMG_3333"

After the first sync, only "IMG_1111" has been successfully synced to my iPhone.

After the second sync, "IMG_2222" and "IMG_3333" have been successfully synced to my iPhone, "IMG_1111" is gone.

After the third sync, "IMG_1111" and "IMG_3333" have been successfully synced to my iPhone, "IMG_2222" is gone.


For this, I have visited the Genius Bar, they told me to wait for the update from apple. Finally iOS 7.0.3, Mac OS X Mavericks, and the new version of iPhoto arrived, but the problem is still remain.


Please help me!



One more thing, I love the original Apple Inc. which full of Steve Jobs' spirit. Please don't let it go, focus back on those tiny details, these tiny details make Apple's product perfect.

Customers (us) love Apple's products because of this perfection, not because of how many money you have made. Tim, please stop killing Apple.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
  • norm123 Community Specialists

    Hello natx20


    Try removing the iPod photo cache if you have not done so already, it may resole your syncing photos issue.


    iTunes: Unable to sync photos




    -Norm G.

  • George Pepper Level 1 (5 points)

    Norm, I do not know how to do that.  Please give me a step-by-step.  Finder says there is no shuch thing as a iPod photo cache (Of course, Finder never finds anything for me).  I'm using a 2012 Mac Pro with Mavericks and an iPhone 5C with iOS 7.





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    Same problem with my phone aswell. Didnt find any Cache folder too. Kindly advise step by step how we can resolve this.

  • George Pepper Level 1 (5 points)

    I fixed mine.  Follow the link in norm's post and there is a step-by-step there.



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    I have just removed the iPod photo cache and try to sync with my iPhone 5s and iPad Air AGAIN (follow the link in norm's post), but the problem is still here.

    Can someone help me please

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    I had a problem with my photo albums starting to sync and then stopping, leaving me with none of them synced to my IPhone.  I realized that the sync was getting hung up on the "finishing sync" step of the sync as well.  You can disconnect the IPhone or close ITunes manually, but this will not fix your photo problem.  What worked for me was waiting until the "finishing sync' gets hung up and then right clicking the IPhone on the left of Itunes and then selecting "sync".  This forces it to restart the sync and this time it will close out properly.  Voila! my albums are all now on my IPhone.  I think this is just a bug with the latest IOS 7.0.3 fix.  Hope this helps!

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    All my photos don't synch and I don't have the Events folder anymore.

    I have tried deleting the photo cache twice.

    Please help.


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    I have synced my iPhone last night, those events that I have deleted from the iPhoto library shown up on my iPhone (AGAIN) , and those events that I expected to be seen on my iPhone have lost. Please help.


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    This worked seamlessly, excellently! I am back to syncing as normal.  The link norm123 posted gives directions that are easy to understand and follow. The main gist is this:


    1. From the Finder, choose Go > Home. If you moved your iPhoto Library or Aperture Library to a different location, go to that location instead.
    2. Open the Pictures folder and locate the iPhoto Library file. (For Aperture, this is called Aperture Library.)
    3. Control-click iPhoto Library or Aperture Library and choose Show Package Contents.
    4. In the next window, drag the iPod Photo Cache folder to the Trash.
      Important: Don't remove or modify any other file within the library package. Removing or modifying other files may cause data loss.
    5. Close the Finder window.

    This is not scary because the iPod Photo Cache. That link above, explains the functioning of the iPod Photo Cache folder. "When you use iTunes to sync photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, iTunes creates a folder called iPod Photo Cache. The iPod Photo Cache stores photos that are optimized for display on your device. The location of this folder depends on the syncing options you select. In iTunes, if you change the selection in the Sync Photos From menu, a new iPod Photo Cache folder will be created (and the previous folder will remain)." Check under Photos after selecting your device that is connected to your iTunes, to see what selection shows to the right of the Sync Photos From at the top right side of your iTunes window. Mine shows iPhoto with drop-down selection options of Choose folder... or Pictures. I have no reason to have my photos syncing from any other place except iPhoto. Perhaps this could be why you may be having problems locating the iPod Photo Cache in order to proceed with the instructions given on that link http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1314


    Good luck with yours! Mine is working great, thanks to norm123 sharing that link!

  • Alamoman Level 1 (0 points)

    I've removed the iPod photo cache and my photos still don't sync.  No error messages; however, the photos don't transfer to iPhoto anymore.


    Any ideas?