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Hello everyone





I recently started working on my very first iPhoto book. After a few days of work it's finally finished, but before ordering it I ran into a problem.


I opened the iPhoto 'project' tab and opened up the project I was working on. The overview screen I encounter only displayed two photographs or so, all the other pages looked empty (picture 1). I clicked on an 'empty' page to take a closer look and when it opened up the photo I had inserted a few days before was displayed like it was a few days before (picture 2). So I told myself not to worry about such a small issue and clicked on 'order photobook'. When the overview of my order came up I looked at the cover of my book, the text on it was displayed correctly but there wasn't any photograph displayed (picture 3).


Now I'm wondering if I order the book, will these blank spots be printed out as empty pages or is it just a preview issue (I'm hoping it will be just that). Apple charges €50 for only listening to your problem and ordering the book just to come to the conclusion its empty is also a bit foolish. So I really hope you guys (and girls) can help me with this!




Thank you for taking the time to read this,






MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    It appears you have some minor damager to your library. Try the following:


    1 - launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and repair the library.



    2 - Run Option #1, Repair Permissions, followed by Option #4.


    Before you place an order check the book according to this Apple document: iPhoto, Aperture: Previewing an order in iPhoto or Aperture. After checking for errors, typos and missing photos or text, you can place the order.  Save the PDF file to compare with the printed copy when it arrives.




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    While in the book project, try going in to a single page view and back out again. Do the images now appear in either of those states?


    Also, have you tried creating a PDF proof of the book? You can do this by selecting the book project, going to the File menu and selecting Print. When the print dialogue box appears, click on PDF in the bottom left hand corner. This will create and save a PDF version of your book, which is whate gets sent to Apple to create your book. If there are no images there, you likely have to start the project again.