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I have an old mpg video file, taken with a very early model "smart phone", that opens and plays fine in my newly "rebuilt" iPhoto library. I cannot open, edit it or share it with any other software. How can I fix it, to be able to do anything with it?




I've recently purchaced a 4TB Thunderbolt drive to store my "vast" music and photo libraries. iPhoto had an issue reading the moved library, so I bought and used iPhoto Library Manager to "rebuild" it. Apart from much of the original data such as date taken & camera used etc, it appears to be working well. The aforementioned mpg video was taken some 9 years ago, using an early model "iMate" smart phone, and opens and plays fine on iPhoto, but I cannot open it with anything else, (I've tried iMovie, VLC players, Wondershare and Handbrake) nor can I share it. I just want to edit it, and share it with family.


Any help would be appreciated...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)