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I have an old mpg video file, taken with a very early model "smart phone", that opens and plays fine in my newly "rebuilt" iPhoto library. I cannot open, edit it or share it with any other software. How can I fix it, to be able to do anything with it?




I've recently purchaced a 4TB Thunderbolt drive to store my "vast" music and photo libraries. iPhoto had an issue reading the moved library, so I bought and used iPhoto Library Manager to "rebuild" it. Apart from much of the original data such as date taken & camera used etc, it appears to be working well. The aforementioned mpg video was taken some 9 years ago, using an early model "iMate" smart phone, and opens and plays fine on iPhoto, but I cannot open it with anything else, (I've tried iMovie, VLC players, Wondershare and Handbrake) nor can I share it. I just want to edit it, and share it with family.


Any help would be appreciated...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Export it.


    File -> Export, set the Kind to Original


    That will give you a copy on the desktop (or wherever you export it to...)

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    Thanks Terence - Tried exporting it, also tried "reveal in finder", have copied it, moved it, done just about all I can think of to it, but nothing else will open it. I've even tried opening my parallels and dreaded microsoft (a necessary evil I'm afraid, for some work related software and programs that apple won't let me work with) to see if it's media player would open it - all to no avail! I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't damaged or corrupted? How then does iPhoto open it???


    Back to the drawing board.

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    Here's the thing: when it comes to video what matters is the Codec used to encode the file. As you say this is an old file from an old phone, it's quite possible that these other apps don't have access to that Codec, and by some fluke, Quicktime has.


    Can you open it in iMovie? Qucktime Player?

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    No - not iMovie, VLC, Wondershare or Handbrake... Quick time starts with a "CONVERTING", then I get Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 14.58.52 PM.png

    I've looked at the "tell me more" links, tried downloading some of the movie players there. I'm begining to think the file is corrupt.


    Thanks for getting back to me again though - appreciate it...

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    I've done nothing - absolutely nothing! Had some dinner, came back to my computer and opened my iPhoto Library Manager and searched for the file... It opened in the quick look, played and gave me the option to open in with QuickTime Player - it too played normally. Then, to add insult to injury, opened immediately in VLC. Next I'll be able to open it in iMovie and edit it huh? GO FIGURE.


    Thanks for your help Terence

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    What did you have for dinner?