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Hi guys I don't understand something disc utility show me two lines about my hd machintosh drive the first show me that i have 115kb free on a total of 1,12tb, the second line that i have 884,79 gb of free space on 1,11tb total is that normal? actually my hard drive is not full...thanksSchermata 2013-10-28 alle 17.10.29.png

Schermata 2013-10-28 alle 17.10.06.png

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), intel with fusion drive
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    It's normal with a fusion drive.

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    thanks...for your reply but why my MAC give me in the first line that the disc is full (available 115KB)? Just to understand...

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    Your first screenshot shows Macintosh HD 'Logical Volume Group' (Gruppo volume logico) which is actually not a single drive, but  a group of two combined, so that most of OS X sees it as one large, somewhat faster, drive.


    The software/hardware that controls it, allocates most all of the space on both drives, and so Disk Utility reflects that.


    The second screenshot is a logical partition (something that things can actually write to), and Disk Utility shows that there is space available.


    Perhaps it's a bit like Apple reserving all the rooms in 2 hotels  & allocating them as they like; so when you ask the hotel manager (the volume group) - all are taken.

    Go to Apple reservations (logical partition), & they'll say there's plenty of space & put you (your data) somewhere suitable in one or both hotels.

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    Thanks for your really nice explanation...