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I have updated to Maverics, the newest iTunes and iPhoto 9.5. When I look at "Faces" in iPhoto all is well. When I look at the list of faces to sync to my iPhone or iPad thre are duplicates listed with "0" entries. When I look at faces on my Apple TV 3 the tumbnails are messed up (hard to explain - just not right. They are the right thumbnials just some do not display correctly). I've tried downloading a new version of iTunes but that didn't help and I can't seem to download a new copy of iPhoto. Also restarted ATV with no change.


Does anyone else see this problem? Does anyne have a fix?



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    I am having similar problems. New iMac 27". iPhoto 9.5. Maverics. My iPhoto Faces are not syncing across to my macbook pro. I have everything in icloud activated. If I make changes on the faces corkboard, these changes dont show up on the other computer. Also, if I tag someone's face on one computer, it does not sync and make the change on the other computer. They ARE supposed to sync between computers right? Thats what icloud is all about?


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    Sorry, mis-applied the "This solved my question" mark and can't find a way to take it off. I still have the same faces problem I wrote about.