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Hello all,


I am a novice, but from what I have been able to find, there may be a way to do what I need with Automator.  I greatly appreciate your help.


The core of what I am trying to do:

1) a specific (using " ") search on youtube and scrape (into numbers?) for every video found:

     a) who it was posted by.

     b) the link (ideally the short "share this video" link).

     c) the upload date.

     d) the description.


What would be ideal:

     e) number of views.

     f) number of likes.

     g) number of dislikes.

     h) number of comments.

     i) the functionality to exclude videos from certain predefined posters.

     j) the functionality to search upload dates within a certain range.  This would be helpful so I can do a scrape weekly, only caturing the new posts.

     k) the functionality that I can schedule this to happen (e.g.- 2am Saturday morning) every week and append the previously created list.


Thank you so much,