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I checked with Epson support to find out if they provided Apple with the Mavericks driver update for the Epson Workforce 600.  They said they provided the drivers to Apple for their servers for the easy to use Apple software update.  When will Apple make these drivers available for the software update?

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    These should be available already, according to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3669.


    If Software Update is not working, you could try deleting the /Library/Printer/EPSON and the /Library/Caches/Epson/ folder and then running Software Update again.


    The drivers should also be part of the package available here, though you have to download all the Epson drivers:




    Hope this helps.

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    Hi John,


    Thanks for this.  I had already downloaded the drivers for OS X so they are working with Mavericks but the issue is that the Epson Scanner application for Mavericks is not a part of this update. I can use the Apple Image Capture for scanning, but I prefer the Epson Scanner application.  The previous version does not Mavericks. 

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    That thread appears to tackle Epson's line of Photo Scanners.  Not their All-In-Ones mentioned above, isn't it?  Please let me know if I'm looking over something important. 


    In my case after updating to Maverics (MacOS10.9) my EPSON Artisan 800s "Epson Scan.app" no longer loads claiming an "EPSON Scan cannot be started" error.  When I follow EPSONs troubleshooting workflow it's a dead end to no available Software Updates.  Anyone figure that one out?


    I'm going to try deleting the /Library/Printer/EPSON and the /Library/Caches/Epson/ folder and then running Software Update again (as John Blanchard1 suggested).  Hopefully I'll be right back to let you all that are interested know what happens.

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    OK, here's the deal (to the best of my understanding 8•)


    1) Driver and Software updates in Mavericks (Mac10.9) is quite different than what I'm used to.  Instead of going online to download then install the drivers I think I need or want you now just open your Mavericks App Store.app, click Store>Updates (or Command+5) and let the App Store.app tell you what's available and you select the ones you want to install.  Here's the clincher with this Epson issue:  For EPSON Mavericks updates you only can get them this way (Epson doesn't explain why in any knowledge bases I've come across).

    2) NEXT, the reason I, and probably you, don't see an update available for your EPSON Scan.app is because that's not supported in Mavericks but the good news is that their's a nicer but very similar looking app in Maverics that replaces it called Image Capture.app


    3) I couldn't use my wireless EPSON printer's scanner with the Image Capture service unless I plugged the printer into my computer with a USB cable until I ditched the USB cable and did this:  http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&info Type=FAQ&oid=237343&foid=244523&cat=221234


    4)  Someone said that Image Capture.app doesn't allow scanning of multiple pages.  Well, that's not exactly true.  Remember that you can only save multiple pages if your saving in .pdf format and I highly suggest you use your scanner's automatic document feeder (ADF).  This' always been the case.  Simply change the setting by clicking the Show Details button in the Image Capture.app


    Well, hope these secrets work for you but after spending half a day uncovering them all I'm finally back on track!

    5) BONUS HACK:  With Image Capture.app open, type in the passcode to unlock it (if neccessary), plug in your phone to your Mac, select it under DEVICES.  There's all your phone's pictures you can grab directly from your phone!  The old EPSON Scan.app never could do that trick!  Go to Image Capture.app's Help tab for the details and how you can even take pictures with your phone while being controlled manually or automatically by your Mac (If you're phone is one of the ones supported for this feature).

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    It is in fact the responcability of Epson to deliver  the new drivers for there software.

    You can search for third party drivers like

    http://www.official-drivers.com/installer/?seed=epson&cate=printer&gclid=CMm4zP- f1LsCFUgS7AodKnIATQ

    There are several different companies that offer free printer drivers. Google for them and I'll bet you can find what you need.