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I'll try this again here.  My iPod touch will sometimes not wake up/turn on.  I'll push the home button, or the power button, or the home and power button, or push and hold the home and power button, and nothing.  Just a black screen.  Then suddenly "Click!" it takes a screen shot of the black screen and wakes itself up.  It works fine after that.  I've reset it, I've deleted apps that I thought were causing the problem, I've even taken off the case thinking it might be getting too hot, not improvement.  The only thing that has worked is turning off the automatic lock and leaving it on all the time.  Aside from not turning on, the thing works great.  But not being able to turn it on is kind of a big thing.  If it takes 25 minutes to turn on and my drive home is 20 minutes....I have an issue.  My 2nd gen is more reliable than that.  Anyone else ever have this problem? 

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