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Hi everyone.


I bought an iPad mini about 3 weeks ago now and used it to connect to my home network but it will only see it if I am sitting practically on top of the router. Always got 1 bar of wifi if I was in any other room except the router room.


I have since moved and my new neighbours have said I can use their internet (wifi) until mine is installed on the 1st November and gave me their key.


Now, my laptop picks up their router, my iphone picks up their router, my wife's iphones and my ipod mini picks up the router and the macbook pro picks it up BUT, you guessed it, the ipad mini does not. I have to go in to their house and sit in the same room to detect the wifi.


I visited a friend today, sat in his office and looked for wifi, none on ipad and 7 available on iphone. Went and sat next to router, 1 available on ipad and 7 on iphone...


Is this common? Any kind of fix? Would you say it's broken?


Thanks in advance for any advice that can be given here.



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    I also had this problem. I bought an iPad mini for my 8 year old son for his birthday. It connected out of the box but as soon as I updated to iOS 7.03 it would only randomly connect for a minute or two. I followed all suggestions from Apple Support to no avail. I returned it and got another. Same problem. Connects out of the box on iOS 6 but update to 7 and same problem. No Wi-fi. The solution was to remove all security from my wireless network and it connects just fine. Obviously a flaw in iOS 7 that Apple does not wish to talk about or recognize.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer but what your're suggesting is a completely different issue. You're implying you have an intermittant wifi connection, i don't. I don't have an internet connection, that's my issue.


    It only detects the internet connection once i'm sat on the router and its fine when it connects.


    My issue is that it doesn't detect any wifi in range.