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JamesMac Level 1 (15 points)

I just started using 6.0 after upgrading to Mavericks, with a new presentation.


Every few minutes, an alert pops up to say that the document "...could not be autosaved. The file has been changed by another application. Click Save Anyway to keep your changes and save the changes made by the other application as a version, or click Revert to keep the changes from the other application and save your changes as a version."


I haven't opened Keynote on any other machines or devices, or made any changes elsewhere. I did originally check the 'documents' box on iCloud's setup preferences, so it could sync across devices. Thinking this might be the culprit, I have unchecked it - but the error keeps coming.


This must be an embarassingly obvious cloud/keynote newbie error. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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