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Hey Guys,

My Mac gets slower and slower, so I looked what kind of stuff I have on my Hard Drive. And thats what came upBildschirmfoto 2013-10-28 um 20.48.14.png


I wonder why Backups take so much space... what kind of backups are these? and what is all that yellow "other" doing?

greatfull if you guys know what to do and sorry about my english


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
Solved by Kappy on Oct 28, 2013 12:55 PM Solved

You have Time Machine snapshots on the drive:


OS X Lion- About Time Machine's "local snapshots" on portable Macs

OS X Mountain Lion- About local snapshots


Time Machine Snapshots

Open the Terminal in the Utilities folder and enter or paste the appropriate command line. Press RETURN and enter your admin password when prompted. It will not be echoed. Press RETURN again.


To turn them ON: sudo tmutil enablelocal


To turn them OFF: sudo tmutil disablelocal


Note that turning them OFF will also delete all existing snapshots.


For more about snapshots see: OS X Mountain Lion- About local snapshots.