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    I use both CCleaner and OnyX and eagerly await both on Mavericks. I have used OnyX for several years (Since Leopard) when it replaced the very slow Leopard Cleaner (I had Tiger Cleaner before that!). I find both of these applications exctremely beneficial and have never had a negative issue with either. I use CCleaner several times a day and Onyx Once a week when I back up my system!
    Quite the contrary to what has been written here, My Machine runs a lot faster, My internet is not bogged down with overloaded Caches and Cookies and no nagging history makin it difficult to find things in either Browsers of applications
    Really hope these 2 apps will be here in a couple of days rather than weeks! - and that Branox figiure out a way to hacj the drap grey logon screen too and bring ius the latest version of Loginox


    I would most definitely agree though where it comed to "ap`plicatios" the  likes of Norton, McAfee etc... These are horrendous products, period! I had McAfee on a laptop I had before I finally threew said Laptop against the wall and forked out for an iMac a week later! Practically brought my machine to a halt! Also beware Google Chrome on Mac... Crank open The Activity Monitor and note the amount opf processes it well as the amount of Memory it eats up!!!



    CCLeaner and OnyX do not and never have impacted any of my OS X installations or Macs like Windows Evilware Virus Suites have! Norton is nothing short of a horror story to remove from a Windows installation...unless you know your stuff! I have taken it off many an installation for friends and replaced it with AVG or even Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows defender...depending on the OS and platform they were running! (These are the recommended security apps for XP, Windows 7 x64 bit and Windows 8 X64 bit respectively.... and all of them are free and do not oimpact or hijack your system resources anything like Norton or McAfee do....

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    As I said I was not thrilled. I stated it did allow me to block comm traffic by port, app, or other factors. THAT was interesting.

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    Regarding Nortan: As I said I was not thrilled, but it did allow one to block say, any In/Out comm by port, app, etc. I found that informative. The rest of its features (virus protection, etc), I'm not qualified to judge.

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    Very informative. I also have used CCLeaner and Onyx on my mac and was impressed. (sadly in this field thats not hard) I'm much more aware, or at least comfortable w/biological informatics. Said systems are robust, as in forgiving. Both CC&Onyx were straight forward and not "cryptically cute". Both products were very effective at saying: "If you don't know exactly what you're doing, don't"


    Constructively humbling, and robust enough.

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    I have never used CCleaner, but I have used OnyX. OnyX has a robust set of tools, but as you point out, they are only needed if you have specific problems that a specific tool helps with. It would be nice if they had a list of symptoms that helped you determine which tool to use. I haven't needed it in a few years, so if they've implemented something like that, great.

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