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I am using iPad 2 64GB and has been using it fine for the past 2 years until 2 nights ago. I am using the 2.1A wall charger all along and have no problem charging it. 2 nights ago when it is 14%, I try put it into charging. It normally won't take very long and it will get up to 50% and up to 100% in a couple of hours. Since 2 nights ago, it show charging but only go up few % overnight.


Last night i try again, 4%, took whole night and it got stuck at 14% whole night and in the morning when I wake up, 17% only.


I have changed 3 chargers, 3 cables. My other iPad charge correctly and nicely but not this one. I suspect the battery died? But would it die that drastically? The night before I charge, it was fine but the second night, it won't charge anymore. I felt that it is very wierd. No upgrade or new app installed, no change of OS or anything.


OS used is 6.1.3

iPhone 4S, iOS 6