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I use applescript to add a LDAP sever on 10.8, but after the 10.9 released, I found the script cannot use any more.

Seems is the new Mail app doesn't support LDAP sever , it is integrated to Internet Accounts

However the SAMPLE script is still the same. (  /Library/Scripts/Mail\ Scripts/Create\ New\ LDAP\ Server.scpt )

Does any one know how to config internet accounts via script (BASH script is OK too)?


the new mail app does not understand

make new ldap server with properties {name:theName, host name:theAddress, search base:theSearchBase, Çclass ldpoÈ:thePort, scope:theScope}

any more.

LDAP server account Maverick 10.9
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    I'd first read the subject and thought this involved creating an entire LDAP server via script and thought... whoa, that's some script.    


    But you're seeking to reference a remote resource or some automated way to configure your client mail, and that's currently using LDAP, right?  If so, then Apple has shifted over to Profiles and away from LDAP and MCX and related.  Profiles would be the approach I'd follow here, either with OS X Server and its profile manager or some other MDM service.


    If you have access to the Apple WWDC13 session videos, there's a session on the Profile Manager that might be worth your time.

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    I will explore this in few days. Thank you!

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    Hi, your solution solved my problem. I created a profiled and use sed modify the profile, then use profiles -I -F install the profile. it works.


    But I also want apple to remove the sample script as long as it doesn't work.