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Peter Dysert Level 1 Level 1

I recently replaced my 256gb OWC SSD in my late 2012 Mac Mini with a Samsung EVO 840 1tb.


I did the following

1) Using 10.9 recovery i initialized and created a single clean partition on the 1Tb SSD

2) I installed a clean copy of 10.9

3) Using migration assistant i transferred apps and documents from my previous SSD via a USB 3.0 adapter to the new SSD

4) Using Bootcamp Assistant 5 I created an ISO version of a clean copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and downloaded the Apple updated Boot Camp drivers to the same 16gb Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 thumb drive

5) Using Bootcamp Assistant created a 199gb Bootcamp partition on the new Samsung SSD which appeared to go to completion

6) Mini restarted from the Bootcamp USB drive and Windows started successfully

7) I chose Windows 7 Home Premium install

8) I got the "which partition do you want to use to install Windows" screen, chose the Bootcamp partition, using the advanced option I chose format which appeared to complete, hit NEXT and then got an error that windows could not install because it could not find the NTFS partition, and then i was stuck.


When I rebooted I first got the Unable to find a bootable disk, hit any key error. I then physically shut down the computer, held down the alt key chose the Mac partition and the computer successfully booted. I could see the Bootcamp partition and according to Disk Utilities, the partition was formatted as NTFS.


The only connections to the Mini were a 30" Apple Cinema via a Apple Mini display connector, the keyboard and mouse via USB, and the USB Bootcamp Created 16gb Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 thumb drive. I also have an internal Apple 1 tb hard drive with no applications installed. In the apps installed on the Samsung does include Parallels 9.


What have i done wrong or missed? IF nothing it appears that the Bootcamp assistant supplied with 10.9 may have an issue with my Hardware setup including the Samsung EVO840 1tb drive.