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Hello everybody,


I Edit 1920x1080 AVCHD in Final Cut 7. Working with apple prores to export video to mp4 and then upload it to youtube. The goal is obviously the least quality loss in the process and to get a file as light as possible. Which of these three options is correct?


1. Export to mp4 from Final Cut (using quicktime conversion): h264 codec and bitrate 8000 kbps.

2. Export to .MOV from Final Cut (using quicktime conversion): h264 codec. Then, use handbrake (mp4 / x264 ).

3. Export apple prores sequence to. MOV from Final Cut (using quicktime movie). Then, use handbrake program (mp4 / X264 codec)


thanks a lot!

Final Cut Pro 7
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    why go to mp4?  I usually do the following


    file:  export:  quicktime movie (not quicktime conversion) with current settings


    Take this file into compressor


    use the apple:  formats:  quicktime:  h264 preset and customize by adjusting the video setting in the encoder panel by moving the quality slider to high. 


    Depending on the duration of the file, that usually gets a reasonably sized file with pretty good quality.  If the file size is too big, I'll adjust the pixel dimensions to 720 in compressor.

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    Hi Michael,


    I have to get a mp4 beacuse .MOV is too heavy for uploading to youtube.


    1 minute .MOV (h264) = 1GB = 200 minutes for uploading

    same minute mp4 = 187MB = 13 minutes



  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    You should be able to adjust the quality slider and pixel dimensions to make h264 quicktime work as well as mp4 (I would guess).

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    One friend told me dont choose none of the three options...


    Told me about exporting a reference movie from timeline and then take the reference file into compressor.


    I finally took the reference file and took him to compressor. I installed x264 and got one .mov very heavy, so I had to use the handbrake to get less weight and get mp4.


    I did the same operation in streamclip and got a mp4 file (x264) with same size than .mov (compressor). So in both cases, if I want the less size I have to go on 2 steps (first compressor or streamclip and then handbrake ..)



    any more suggestions? :-)

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    No.  you can get any of the settings you need in compressor by customizing the apple:  formats:  quicktime:  h264 preset.  After making the file, if you need it to be an mp4 file, you can open it in mpeg streamclip and do a save as to mp4 without making any changes or recompressing the file.