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I was given a file of emails that has a .PST extension and i dont know how or what app to use to open it? Anybody know about this?

powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.7)
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    Outlook (not Outlook Express) and Entourage store data (address book, calendar, e-mail) in .PST files. For reasons I can not imagine, the .PST files created by the Entourage (Microsoft's PIM for MAC) are not compatible with Outlook (Microsoft's PIM for Windows).

    Can you get whoever gave you that file to export the data in a different format, like .csv (comma separated values)?
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    On the Mac, the only program that is going to be able to open that file is Microsoft Entourage. You can only get Entourage as part of Office 2004 for the Mac.

    You may need this tool in combination with MS-Entourage 2004 to get the job done:

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b95cfe2-ea2b-4088-af2c -2fd497e2a6f8&DisplayLang=en

    Now, if you do not have MS-Entourage 2004 on your Mac, then you do have a couple of options:

    You'll first need to get them back into MS-Outlook (either on the original machine or another machine).

    Then, once that is done, you can choose one of two methods:

    1) Manual:

    I copied all my PC e-mails from Outlook to my Mac using a free trial of .Mac.




    I was able to setup Outlook to work with .Mac (Apple's free online webmail service - and more).

    I then copied all my important messages to the .Mac account.

    This works just like moving messages from one folder to another in Outlook.

    You're .Mac account will be shown as a separate Mailbox / folder in your list of folders. Just drag e-mails from your Inbox (or other folders) into .Mac's inbox.

    Then, I configured my Mac to use the same .Mac account.

    With that done, I copied all the messages from the .Mac account into my main mail inbox in Apple's Mail.

    This process should work the same regardless of which e-mail client you use.

    The best part is that a 60-day free trial of .Mac won't cost you anything. And, the solution is fast and easy.

    I have also done the opposite of this, exporting from Mail to another PC. So, you can do this both directions.

    2) Automatic:

    Outlook2Mac Will transfer e-mails between Microsoft Outlook and Apple's Mail.


    This program runs on the PC (in Windows), and coverts the files to a format that will import properly in Apple's Mail program.

    I hope this helps.