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marciscurious Level 1 (0 points)

Does anyone have any recommendations of FREE color correct plug-ins for Final Cut 7 to apply to footage shot specifically on the Black Magic Cinema Camera. We shot it RAW in ProRes and my editor is cutting on the FCP7.


I just want an easy fix before sending a rough cut to the client.


We will later hand off the locked picture to a colorist for a proper color grading.


(I use FCPX myself, and have a free plugin for BMCC Flat on that system. Just not sure if something similar & generous exist for FCP7 users)




Final Cut Pro X
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    I doubt it...as the camera was announced last year, released THIS year...and FCP 7 was discontinued over 2.5 years ago.  Very few people making anything for a DOA editing app.

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    the three way color corrector which comes with fcp is pretty simple and quick to do.  You can copy a correction from one clip to other similar clips.  Hopefully your editor has some experience with it.  Don't know of any automatic tools out there. 

  • RatVega™ Level 4 (2,005 points)

    Probably the closest you'll come is the free DaVinci Resolve software Black Magic is offering, but that's not a simplistic solution. I understand that Resolve 9 has some support for RAW conversion that may work for your purposes.


    Good luck