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Hello All,


I've run into a glitch that I can't seem to get out of. I was having some timeline difficulties (playback freezing, etc.), so as I have in the past I closed FCP7 and trashed my preferences. When I went to reopen FCP7, I get to the Final Cut Pro loading window (the one that says "Licenced To:" and "Version:") and behind this window is the "Choose Setup" window. I can move the "Choose Setup" window, but I can not select any option or drop down menu on it. So that is where I am stuck.


I've searched, but can't seem to find what I am experiencing. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can solve this?


In adavnce, thank you for your input.



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    Here are a bunch of troubleshooting steps




    go thru these methodically and post back with your results.

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    Thank you for your reply. I'm off to troubleshoot with your directions.



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    Michael, et al,


    Here is the scoop with my problem and how things seems to have gotten back to normal:


    Firstly, one should always take step one and two in your troubleshooting tips (see Guinness solution). For me it was a couple of martinis, but it's best to step away from one's machine for a little bit and begin to think rationally (a difficut task for me since in my case there would be about 40 hours of editing plus Motion graphics to recover to where I was).


    I disconnected both of my external hard drives and launched FCP7 with the same result, but this time I saw a Bias Soundsoap purchase advisory appear. This was a product I experimented with as a trial version some years ago, but never actually purchased (good product, but with Soundtrack Pro it was redundant). I remember deleting the application, but apparently I didn't do as complete of a job as I thought and some of the program's files were still installed on my system. I removed them via these instructions:




    After I connected my external firewire dirve that contains my FCP files, FCP7 launched correctly.


    Thank you very much for your assistance with this. I used to follow these forums extensively when I was starting out, and your help reminded me why this is such an outstanding resource.




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