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I've noticed after updating to Maverick that when I click on "Save As", it takes a long time (10-20 sec.) for the file pathways to show up in the Save As window. Is anyone else having this problem?  I've tried re-booting but that doesn't help.  Thanks in advance.



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    I had the same problem. I also occured when I clicked on the title on top of a window to rename or move a file. Therefore I suspeced it´s the new extended tagging functionality in Mavericks which caused this annoying bug.

    After eliminating all these tags from the sidebar in the finder preferences the problem was solved for me.

    @apple and others: the former menu, which appeared by clicking on the title of a window was much more charming and in my opinion much more usable. The window appearing in Mavericks seems to be more restrictive and less intuitive. Is there a way to switch back to the old context menu?



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    Mavericks brought back "Save As..." wonderful.



    OS X takes a bit the first time to load up things like that in the Finder, but once it's done it should be faster the next time.


    If not, in the same location, then it's a obvious problem.

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    Well, I just tried to upload something with Firefox. Same problem again. And no, it is not faster the next time. After reboot you have to wait again. So still no working solution for the problem.



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    Ok, no anwer since more than a month. Last weekend I switched back to mountain lion. I had to make a completely new install, which was a lot of work. For me, Mavericks is Apples Windows Vista. It slows down my Quad Core (4 x 2,4 GHz) to an estimated 2005 Centrino running Windows 7 with 512MB RAM. Shame on you, Apple! Why doesn´t anybody else have this problem? Do you all have SSD hard drives?

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    I don't even have "Save As" as an option in Mavericks. Is there a preference i need to change to get this back?

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    I have a MBP with a SSD (too many TLAs!) and I stil have the same problem. I also have an iMac with a normal hard drive but gobs of Ram and it's the same. It happens so much that when I see the blank fille pathways I go off and do something else while it's working itself out. Just another downgrade dressed up as an upgrade, it seems. But the question remains, why does Apple want to be more like Windows circa 2005? Beats me, but I wish there was a viable alternative because this new "user-friendly" Mac is just so much less real-user-friendly.

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    This slow finder pathway when Saving As drives me nuts!  I thought once indexed, it should be faster, and generally if I'm saving a lot of files, this is true for a while.  But after a few hours, without shutting down, it does the same thing.  It also happens if I start looking through other finder windows into folders that haven't been accessed recently (i.e. if I start looking through Pictures folder after going through Documents folder).  It's like the index memory is wiped out after some short time span.

    Never had this problem under ML.