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My testing of 1.4.2 today shows it's still broken. I need to transfer existing supervised iPads from old 2008 MacBooks to new 2013 MacBook Airs with Mavericks. I have special ed students each assigned iPads that have unique configurations for each user. I can't just wipe the device and start over. They have many apps setup to communicate with teachers and parents that took time to configure. In the past when I needed to transfer an iPad to another laptop I was able to make a backup in iTunes un-supervise the device off the old laptop then re-supervise it on the new one. Once I copied the backup to the new laptop I was then able to open iTunes restore the backup for the students data. I then opened Apple Configurator which showed the device still supervised at which point I refreshed the device. This put the correct profiles back in place and I was off and running to enroll it back to our MDM. The product now just wipes the device and prepares it again. Since it's first release at the very beginning I've been held hostage to many times by this product. If Apple truly believes this product is the answer for enterprise and education device preparation they really need make sure the product actually works before releasing it to the masses. The hours I've wasted trying to get this working I'll never get back.


If anyone has any suggestions in how I can transfer existing devices to another laptop then restore, retain, & refresh the device without being brought back to square one I really appreciate it.

iPad, iOS 7.0.3