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Hi, I have a 2007 24" iMac 2.8ghz machine with 4Gig of RAM. I have uploaded Mavericks and now Aperture 3.5 to replace the 2.4 version I was using on Snow Leopard. Its slow, very slow. Any tips to speed it up, I do Event Photography, often have 1000 pics to go through after a concert such as one I am doing next week, I cannot think of the time it will take me as it is now.


Also a favoutite shortcut on Aperture was "P" to get the image ready for working on, does not seem to work the same way anymore.





iMac (24-inch Mid 2007), OS X Mavericks (10.9), Aperture
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    You're not going to want to hear this but 4gb of memory is really at the bottom level of the amount of memory you need to run both Mavericks and Aperture.


    A few things you can try to speed things up, have only Aperture running no mail no safari, nothing else. Make sure the library is on the internal disk and that there is sufficient free disk space. A close to full root drive will slow things down. While I normally hate to give hard numbers for free space on the root drive in this case I'd say to have a good 15% to 20% free space.


    The model you have should take up to 6gb of memory even though Apple only supports 4gb. That might be something to think about.

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    Frank, thanks for your reply - even though it was not really what I want to hear (but what I suspected).


    I spoke to a memory man today from a well known company, on the record my iMac will only take 4 gig, off the record it will take 6 he reckons as do you, do you know what I should be ordering ?


    Regarding file location, I am pretty bad, take loads of photo's and don't delete many. The set up is as follows


    500gig HDD in the iMac

    350gig external

    1TB external

    2TB external - used to be the Time Machine

    4TB external - new Time Machine


    I am hoping that the 2TB disk will last me about 4 years before it is filled up.


    I have now about 230gigs of HDD space on board which according to what you say is quicker than the external drives accesss wise. I could therefore load new pictures onto the interrnal HDD, do what I need to do to them there. Once done can I move the location of the folder - will Aperture (or the iMac) track the move ? Once I have gone through the images I then save jpegs in various forms either for sellling as small files or as prints via an on-line service. I do keep back up DVD's of all the important events for safety but I don't like to delete anything off of the drives. Messy I know.


    Anyway, thanks for the reply again.



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    I have mid 2013 MacBook Pro 2.6mghz quad core 16gigs ram. Even with this power house system I'm getting lots of spinning beach balls as if not enough ram after moving to mavericks. Frustrated.    

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    Ouch !

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    Just ordered an extra 4gig of RAM from Crucial, hope it works ...



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    have you checked in the Activity window (Window > Show Activity ⇧⌘0), if there are still background tasks running? Keep the window open for a while, to see what's going on. When upgrading a large library, Aperture may still be busy with housekeeping work in the background. In that case Aperture may be more responsive, when the job is done.


    But 4 GB more RAM will help in any case.



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    Even with this power house system I'm getting lots of spinning beach balls as if not enough ram after moving to mavericks. Frustrated.   

    This should not happen. If this is a persistent problem, start  a new discussion to get it sorted. It is difficult to trouble shoot buugy behaviour for different architectures in one thread.



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    I have just instaled the extra RAM, in truth its only 2gig extra, I had 4 and took out a 2 and replaced it with a 4 from Crucial, seems to work better.


    Am using the Memory Clean App, it recognising my 6 gigs of RAM, at start up I now have 4.5g free rather than 2.5 so working well.


    Aperture seems to be a bit more snappy. Thanks for your replies and assistance.