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D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

Three weeks ago, I purchased Pages 4.3 on the App Store. Apple charged my credit card $19.99 (plus tax). Now when I try to download it from the App Store, I get an error message:  "Pages can't be installed on Macintosh HD because Mac OS X version 10.9 or later is required."


I'm not on the bleedng edge - I have an old MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard, and an even older 1st-gen MacBook Air. I still use Rosetta for a couple of critical applications and am unable to migrate to Mavericks at this time.   Does anyone know how I coerce the App Store to download Pages 4.3? Having paid for it, I'd like to be able to use it.



  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10 (260,415 points)

    The new versions of iWork apps require Mavericks. Your old version requires Mountain Lion or earlier. If you wish to use it then erase the drive and install Mountain Lion. The new versions' downloads are free, btw.

  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

    I have Snow Leopard on my Macs. (so no need to erase the drive and install an older OS).

    The problem is that the App Store won't download Pages 4, which is compatible with SL, and which I just purchased on the App Store (Oct 7th).

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10 (260,415 points)

    I'm sorry. I thought you already had downloaded the older version prior to Mavericks' release. In this case you will have to see about buying an older boxed set of iWork '11 on eBay or Amazon.

  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)


    I'd thought of that, though it sounds like throwing good money after bad.  I'll see if Apple will refund what I paid for the useless purchase on the App Store.



  • Peggy Level 8 Level 8 (38,585 points)

    Contact Apple & ask them to send you an install disk for iWork '09.



  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)


    I did. They (Karan, iTune Store Customer Support) told me I had to "upgrade to the latest OS X Mavericks". She wrote: "If you are not quite ready to update to this OS X, you will need to wait until you are ready to be able to update the software."


    I'll be waiting a long time. My 1st-gen MacBook Air has 10.6 on it, and is not supported on Mavericks.

  • Peggy Level 8 Level 8 (38,585 points)

    Call again & ask for Customer Relations. A number of users have reported they have been able to get Apple to send them a disk for '09 since they had purchased them from the Mac App Store & those versions are no longer available for re-download. You are just asking for a backup of the software you purchased.



  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

    Took me 45 minutes on the phone with two  Apple CSRs, but eventually I was able to get the call escalated to Customer Relations who are sending me an install DVD for iWorks '09 (containing Pages V4).


    In parallel, a senior advisor from the iTunes Store Customer Support got involved via e-mail, and stated that DVDs for the old version are no longer available.


    Thanks to Peggy for pointing the way to Customer Relations.

  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

    For the benefit of others who may come across this thread while searching for a solution to the problem described at the top, here's some additional information.


    As of late Oct'13, Pages V4 (which was part of iWorks '09) is not advertised on the App Store. Apple has pulled it, and posted Pages V5.0 in its place. According to the App Store listing, OS X 10.9 or later is required to run Pages V5.


    If you connect to the App Store using 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and attempt to download Pages, an error ensues:

         Pages can't be installed  because Mac OS X version 10.9 or later is required.

    This error message is not correct.


    If you connect to the App Store using 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion), the App Store thoughtfully responds:

         Sorry, you need a later version of OS X for this application. However, we'll be happy to download a previous compatible version for you.


    It then downloads Page V4.3, which runs just fine on ML.


    I have found that Apple's Customer Service representatives are  misinformed. In the last week, I was told on several occasions, by  different Apple employees, that Pages V4 was no longer available from Apple, could not be downloaded from the App Store, and that the App Store can only 'stock' a single version (i.e., the most recent). In fact, the App Store does maintain inventory of multiple versions (at least two in this case, 4.3 and 5.0).


    The message that "Pages can't be installed because 10.9 is required" is  false. Based on my experiments, the App Store can and will install Pages V4.3 on Mountain Lion, and also on Lion (10.7.4 or later).


    Unfortunately for me, V4.3 seems to require at least 10.7.4. It won't run on 10.6.8.  My old MacBook Air (1,1) can't go beyond Snow Leopard, so I'm still up the creek without a page to paddle.  I'm waiting for delivery of an iWorks '09 install DVD in order to get Pages installed on my MacBook Air. It's my understanding that the DVD contains Pages 4.0.

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    When you've got you DVD and installed iWork you need probably to update to iWork 9.0.4 DL1435

  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)


    Why do you suggest updating to 9.0.4, instead of 9.1?


    9.1 appears to be the last update that is compatible with Snow Leopard.

  • fruhulda Level 6 Level 6 (15,120 points)

    Because 9.1 doesn't add anything needed for Pages on Snow Leopard. I think it did take away showing which type of document that is opened after the document name. 9.1 add support for Lion.

  • D.R.C. Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)


    Thanks for the advice.

    I searched Apple's download archive, and found updates to iWorks 9.0.4, 9.0.5, 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3.

    9.1 is compatible with SL, but as you pointed out, adds support for Lion.

    9.2 removes support for SL. It requires Lion or Mountain Lion.

    I'm not sure what the differences are between 9.0.4 and 9.0.5, but one or the other should be my objective, once I receive the iWorks '09 install DVD.


    What a tangled web!


    Do you happen to know if Pages 5.0 can still read old Appleworks and Clariswork WP files?  My overarching objective with this project is to retire a really old Mac Mini, on which is loaded AppleWorks.  I have a large library (many hundreds of WP files) that were authored in AppleWorks, and before that, ClarisWorks.  I need to retain access to these documents.

  • fruhulda Level 6 Level 6 (15,120 points)

    You found the iWork 9.0.5? I thought that Apple withdraw for soem reason. I use that update.


    Pages 5.0 can't read AW.


    Stay with Pages 4.3!

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