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    D.R.C. wrote:


    What a tangled web!


    What an understatement.


    There are now many people who have nothing but Apple purchased hardware and software, that won't open or talk to each other or only do so with enormous problems.


    And that is on top of the problems with communicating with the 95% of the world that is not using Apple products.



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    I tried your suggestions.  When I connect to the App Store and click on download Pages, I says I need 10.9 (running 10.7).  So I click the Buy button anyway and get the dialog.  That seems to be the end of the road.Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.18.21 AM.png

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    It's quite bizarre. When I click on Pages in the App Store (on my 10.6 system), it now says 'you already have Pages 4.0.4. Would you like to buy Pages 5?', even though I've already purchased Pages 5. (it's shown in my list of purchased apps). And even though Pages 5 won't run on 10.6.


    If I try the same thing on Mountain Lion, the App Store says 'the current version requires 10.9.  Would you like to download an older compatible version'.  If I then click OK, it downloads version 4.3. 


    I don't have a system running Lion, so I can't reproduce the behavior you're getting.  Do you know anybody running 10.8? If so, you could try logging on the App Store with your account (using the friend's Mac), and see if you can download it from there. If that works, copy the Pages app onto a USB memory stick and move it to your Mac.  (NB - I'm not 100% certain that Pages 4.3 is compatible with 10.7).


    Alternately, call Apple Customer Relations and explain your pridicament. They were good enough to send me a Pages installer on DVD, which is how I got V4 on to my Snow Leopard system (after buying Pages V4 on the App Store).

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    Hunt around and see if you can locate an AppleScript to automatically print all your AppleWorks files to .pdfs or save as .doc files from AppleWorks.


    Also test some in OpenOffice or LibreOffice which should be able to open them.



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    Thanks for the suggestion. I've been down that path, but it got too rocky and the wheels fell off my tricycle!


    The issue is that I need to retain the metadata on the old files - specifically the date.  I considered opening them all and converting to PDF, but the date of the newly-saved file would be the date it was saved as a PDF. In fact, I bought Keyboard Maestro to see if there was any way I could build a macro that would (a) determine the date of the old AppleWorks file , (b) open and print/save as PDF, and then (b) stuff the original date into the metadata of the new file. (Another scheme would be to prepend the original date into the name of the new file).  This sort of processing seems to be beyond the capabilities of Keyboard Maestro.


    It's probably doable with AppleScript, but that's far beyond my technical capabilities:-(


    Given all the bugs/issues with Pages V5, I'm quite happy to stick with Pages V4 for the time being. The big advtange that V5 brings (commonality between Macs and iDevices) is of zero value to me, so there's really no reason to migrate.


    Thanks for chiming in!



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    Ways and means.


    Insert the metadata in the file itself. Make it readable in other words. I think Appleworks had this as a function.


    Spotlight will read content so it will be searchable.


    I found this:


    set appleworksFolder to choose folder
    set thePath to POSIX path of appleworksFolder as string

    tell application "Finder"
    set folderItems to files of appleworksFolder
    repeat with aFile in folderItems
        set {name:fileName, name extension:nameExtension} to aFile
        set filePath to POSIX path of (aFile as alias) as string

        if nameExtension is not "txt" then
            set theLocation to POSIX path of (aFile as text)
            set baseName to text 1 thru ((get offset of "." & nameExtension in fileName) - 1) of fileName
            set destLocation to (thePath & baseName & ".pdf")
            set theCommand to "/System/Library/Printers/Libraries/./convert -f \"" & filePath & "\"" & " -o " & "\"" & destLocation & "\"" & " -j \"application/pdf\""
            do shell script theCommand

            tell application "Finder" to delete aFile
        end if
    end repeat
    end tell








 ’t_ live_without



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    Awesome- thanks.

    The Applescript example is way over my head, but I will look into it (and the other links you found) and see if I can find a workable solution.  Where workable means something I can understand and implement:-)


    At present, my 'solution' is to keep my old 1st-gen MacMini on line. It was my previous Mac, and contains many folders with many hundreds of old Apple/Clariswork files on it, along with AppleWorks.  Should I ever need to refer to one of the old files, and can't open it with Pages 4.3, I can use Screen Sharing to connect to the Mini.

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    Open iTunes and click on Podcasts and subscribe to:


    Mac Automation Made Simple with Ben Waldie


    In one of the tutorials "Creating an Automator PDF Workflow" he has an example very close to what you want.



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    5/23/2014- FWIW, I deleted the new version of Pages and am now running Pages 4.3 on Mavericks.  I called Tech Support and they were able to walk me through the install.  So, it IS POSSIBLE.  Tech support also let me know that they have received lots of communication regarding many of the issues with the new version (for me, it was the lack of options that were included in 4.3) and that they were working to bring many of these back.  I was told that they have a pretty small crew working on this program- hopefully they will beef this up so that it can legitimately compete with Microsoft Word. 


    Pages 4.3 works great on Mavericks!!

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    This is an old thread but hopefully someone could help.


    I just got a new MBP and must find a way to install the very last version of iWork 09 because I absolutely need functions that were stripped out when Apple brought out Pages 5, etc.


    So, I got the old iWork 09 DVD from Amazon but it installed the very first version of iWork 09.


    Then I found somewhere the download for an update that installed Pages 4.2 (1008), Keynote 5.2 (1125) and Numbers 2.2 (516).


    However, on my old MBP, the versions I have are Pages 4.3 (1048), Keynote 5.3 (1170), and Numbers 2.2 (554).


    I case this makes any difference, my old MBP runs Yosemite 10.10.3 with the last updates to iWork 09, while the new MBP runs 10.10.4.


    Two Questions:


    (1) Is there any way to get those last versions of iWork 09 listed immediately above?


    (2) Also, are there any crucial differences between the versions of iWork 09 I now have on the new MBP and the versions I have on the old MBP?

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    Here. Updates DVD only to latest versions of iWork '09.

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    Thank you so much!

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