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My OS X (Lion, 10.7) install recently got hosed and the good folks at the Genius Bar wiped the hard drive and reinstalled it for me.  I had transferred all the data to an external hard drive.  I had bought a new version of iphoto when I upgraded to Lion awhile ago (downloaded from the app store, so I don't have any disks). I thought I'd be able to download again, but now the version in the app store requires Mavericks (10.9).  I would upgrade to Mavericks except

1) I'm worried that just like the Lion upgrade, in the end I'll end up having to purchase upgrades to other software applications I run

2) I know for sure that right now VMWare Fusion 5.0.3 which I use to run windows, so that I can run MS Access does not work with Mavericks

Anyone have any ideas that don't involve me paying $20 to talk to an Apple rep ?  Is there any place where I can download the correct version of iPhoto.  I probably have the original version of iphoto that came with my macbook on a disk somewhere, but my recollection was that it didn't work with Lion, which is why I purchased a new version...  Thanks for any help!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.6)