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Hello folks,


this is something I am unable to find out since a couple of years. But: there must be a solution out there, so I try to explain and hopefully someone has the right solution for me.


I am using a OSX 10.7.5 Server (Lion) as a filesharing server in our network.

- some volumes are shared using afp.

- two user groups: A + B

- 10 users, all of them in B, 2 of them in A

- 1 shared folder (Volumes) have r/w access for all of B, name it X

- 1 shared folder (Volumes) have r/w access for all of A, but none of B, name it Z


When now a user from group B mounts the volume X, creates a folder in that volume "test" he has access and can read and write into that folder. When another user from group B now mounts that volume and tries to change the content in "test", he has no write privileges.


That means the folder "test" does not get the privileges from the folder where it is inside. Unfortunately the user from B also cannot change the privileges of that folder on the shared volume.


But: I want all users of B to have r/w access to that newly created folder "test". How do I setup the server correctly to have this automatically enabled?


Thanks and best,