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Shane Hirschman Level 1 (5 points)

Ok.. An annoying issue. I have an old iPod HiFi boombox (with white Apple remote) in my living room, with my newly purchased Apple TV (with silver remote).


Everytime I press a button on the Apple TV silver remote, my iPod Hifi gets the signal and responds. I've noticed that the white remote also controls the Apple TV. This is extremely annoying, as it means I can't have both devices in the same room with the remotes interferring with each other, unless I cover the IR ports.


Per some Google searchs, I tried the suggestion of pairing each remote individually to each device. I paired the white remote to the iPod Hifi (Menu + FF, Apple TV turned off). Then I paired the silver remote to the Apple TV via the Settings menu (iPod Hifi unplugged).


Problem is.. The remotes still control both devices!!!! What the ****!


Apple, anyone, what can be done? I'd rather not have to resort to using my iPhone as a remote or have to buy a universal remote.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything that I'm doing wrong?

AppleTV 2, Silver Apple Remote
  • Shane Hirschman Level 1 (5 points)

    No.. See that is for if the remote was controlling my computer, in which I'd have the option to turn off the IR sesnor on the computer. The iPod HiFi doesn't have such a feature.


    I already searched this problem on Google, all that is suggested is to try the pairing methods I described in my original post, but that didn't seem to work. The Apple TV remote still affects the iPod HiFi.


    Not sure what to do. Does anyone even use a iPod HiFi anymore? I'd hate to get rid of it out of my living room, as it sounds pretty good there. Covering the IR sensor is a total hassle.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,581 points)

    We still have a couple of iPod HiFi's (can't imagine why they stopped making them).


    I'm not sure what you are doing wrong but you should be able to pair both remotes.






    Hold the remote close to and pointed at the Apple TV, hold down the menu and Rewind buttons together for 6 seconds or until you see a broken chain icon on screen.

  • Shane Hirschman Level 1 (5 points)

    Ok... I think I was maybe able to pair each remote to each corresponding device, in terms of functionality being affected, via the standard methods, but I have some new questions then...


    If the remotes are paired correctly, is it still normal for the device "lights" to respond to the other's remote?

    For example, pressing a button on the silver Apple TV remote causes the iPod Boombox light to turn amber, although maybe a function isn't executed.


    Likewise, pressing the white iPod Boombox remote casuse the Apple TV light to flash, even if I don't think any function is being executed.


    Is this normal? Should the indicator lights still be turning on for both devices when only one Apple remote is pressed, if they are paired correctly?


    Or... If they are paired correctly, the indicator lights should not be responding on other device?

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,581 points)

    Yes that's quite normal. It's indicating it's receiving a signal but not the right one.


    If you think about it outside of your specific situation, it's a somewhat necessary feature.


    Suppose for example you have 2 Apple TV's in different rooms, you pair the remotes and then mix them up. It's better that the wrong remote causes the Apple TV status light to flash 3 times rather than not all, or you may end up believing something is faulty rather than just receiving a signal from the wrong remote.

  • Shane Hirschman Level 1 (5 points)

    Got it. Thanks Winston. That is what was throwing me off completely.

    I figured if they were individually paired, the other wouldn't be reading the IR signal at all.

    I was over-thinking the situation.


    Anyways, it is still a little annoying to see each unit respond to each remote, but I suppose I can live with that if it isn't affecting functionality. I would disagree with your point, if it wasn't for the fact that both devices lack power buttons... or really any physical buttons for that matter.


    Hopefully my IR receivers / LEDs don't wear out. I may just end up using the Apple Remote app on my phone, if it starts to visually bother me. I'm slightly O.C.D. in this regard.