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    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Swift Publisher seems nice, and it's only $20 right now, but it handles hyphens poor. They're either on or off, you can't adjust the hyphenation zone at all, and you can't turn hyphenation off for individual paragraphs. Hyphenation is important for book publication.

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    Hmm...probably SwiftPublisher would work best for newsletters, booklets, pamphlets, and documents needing images.  I think Nisus Writer Pro would work better for book publishing.  It's more for that than the easy layout and placing objects, etc.  I think it has better hyphenation options.  It also deals with bookmarks, line numbering, table of contents, etc.


    They are quite different.  That was one nice thing about Pages, you could do layout type or word processing type documents with just the one app.  It wasn't perfect, but most of the time it met my needs.

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