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I recently installed Mavericks and FInal Cut Pro 7 seemed to run well.... until I tried to render some archival footage of various flavors that I had been using with zero problem with FCP7 and Mountain Lion. Then I began getting errors: "general error." Or the clip would render then appear white, or various styles of distortion.  I tried creating a new timeline, new project, no change.  I rebooted from a drive with Mountain Lion, opened the project, no change.  I tried rendering small parts--some rendered okay, some didn't.  I even took the project to another computer running Mountain Lion, same issue.  I ran Digital Rebellion's software to look for corrupt files--there were none. 


So then I opened a version of the FCP project from weeks ago, instead of projects saved under Mavericks, in Mountain Lion.  I dragged the same seemingly problematic video files into a timeline, hit render, hurray! No problem, perfect playback.  I therefore believe the issue was the way the FCP7 project was saved under the Mavericks OS.  It's important to note that my standard files from my original shoots--with limited testing--seemed to be handled fine.  It was only imported archival footage from various sources, of different flavors and speeds that seemed to be "corrupted" in a FCP7 saved under Mavericks, including some downloaded  and imported only the past few days. 


This might be a good caution for those whose projects use archival and downloaded video. I realize that some would just say turn it all to Prores. This would really suck and be extremely time consuming as I have thousands of clips collected over the years and often audtion dozens before choosing which ones to work with.



For now, I am going back to Mountain Lion, as it seem possible Apple may not resolve whatever this apparent conflict is between FCP7 projects and Mavericks.  Hoepfully they will.

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