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I recently installed Mavericks and FInal Cut Pro 7 seemed to run well.... until I tried to render some archival footage of various flavors that I had been using with zero problem with FCP7 and Mountain Lion. Then I began getting errors: "general error." Or the clip would render then appear white, or various styles of distortion.  I tried creating a new timeline, new project, no change.  I rebooted from a drive with Mountain Lion, opened the project, no change.  I tried rendering small parts--some rendered okay, some didn't.  I even took the project to another computer running Mountain Lion, same issue.  I ran Digital Rebellion's software to look for corrupt files--there were none. 


So then I opened a version of the FCP project from weeks ago, instead of projects saved under Mavericks, in Mountain Lion.  I dragged the same seemingly problematic video files into a timeline, hit render, hurray! No problem, perfect playback.  I therefore believe the issue was the way the FCP7 project was saved under the Mavericks OS.  It's important to note that my standard files from my original shoots--with limited testing--seemed to be handled fine.  It was only imported archival footage from various sources, of different flavors and speeds that seemed to be "corrupted" in a FCP7 saved under Mavericks, including some downloaded  and imported only the past few days. 


This might be a good caution for those whose projects use archival and downloaded video. I realize that some would just say turn it all to Prores. This would really suck and be extremely time consuming as I have thousands of clips collected over the years and often audtion dozens before choosing which ones to work with.



For now, I am going back to Mountain Lion, as it seem possible Apple may not resolve whatever this apparent conflict is between FCP7 projects and Mavericks.  Hoepfully they will.

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    >as it seem possible Apple may not resolve whatever this apparent conflict is between FCP7 projects and Mavericks.  Hoepfully they will.


    They won't. Why would they? FCP 7 is 4 years old...discontinued 2.5 years ago. FCX outsold it and all other versions of FCP combined...what possible reason do they have to support it?  They won't make any changes to an OS to support outdated, discontinued software.


    Rule of thumb...if you have system that works really well, don't mess with upgrading the OS.  Especially if you rely on that computer to earn a living. Only upgrade if you really need a feature that the new thing has...and always ALWAYS clone your working system before you upgrade, so you can restore that working system when the upgraded one breaks something. 

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    I actually loged in JUST to stress Shane's point. Better safe than sorry.

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    and here's a user tip about cloning that should point you in the right direction