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I have the old MacbookPro5,3 - (Core2Duo 2,66 GHz with 8GB RAM), so a SSD would really make it go for another year og two. I do realize that I will not benefit of the full speed of the SSD because the machines max speed is SATA2/3GB/s: That's no problem - but I really can't be bothered with any problems like not be able to use it properly or the "slow" 1,5 GB/s-problem that some people have reported..

As fas as I can read this problem orginated from the NVIDIA controller (AHCI).


So my questions are:

- Have this problem been fixed, e.g. by driver upgrades from Apple or something else?

- Do all never SSDs have this problem fixed, or is it still an issue?

- Should I look at some specific drives or brands to avoid this spefic problem with compability with the NVIDIA controller..?


I'm looking at Samsung 840 256GB or Intel 530 180GB.. If the problem is specific to some drives and you would mind giving me some advice in that case..?


Thanks a lot for any inputs!