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This seems like an old issue, but it only started happening to me with Safari 7.0 and Mavericks.


All of a sudden, I have hundreds, possibly thousands of duplicate bookmarks.


What is worse, the new window layout of Safari makes it impossible to delete. The "old" version showed bookmarks in a regular window. Individual items or groups of items could be selected.


Now, bookmarks are only shown in a sidebar. Only one can be selected at a time. While manually deleting hundreds or thousands or entries one by one seems tedious enough, it also isn't practical. When the bookmark sidebar is open, Safari all but freezes. Everything slows to a crawl, probably because there are so many bookmarks.


I saw some pre-Mavericks advice on resetting bookmarks, but that is a problem for me. I have many folders of bookmarks that I cannot lose.


Is there any way to


1. Clean up the bookmarks without losing them all (where is the bookmark file and can it be opened/edited in another application).

2. Stop this from happening again?



Thanks in advance.