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is it me or is the ONLY difference between Logic Studio 8 & 9 the fact the LS9 can run in 64-bit mode?

I've owned Logic Studio 8 since about a year after it came out. About a year ago I got a Pro that's got Snow Leopard on it, so I installed LS8 on it. My Pro is running in 64-bit mode, but LS8 only runs in 32-bit mode, so I thought I'd "Upgrade" & buy Logic Studio 9 a couple of days ago. I just installed it yesterday & ran it for the first time today. I don't see ANY differce at all between 8 & 9 EXCEPT that Logic Pro & Main Stage both have a 64-bit mode. ALL of the synths & their presets are the same. All of the loops & jam packs look the same. Did I just pay all that $$$ just to get a 64-bit version of what I already had?


I've tried looking on this site & everything I find is about Logic Pro X. Is there anyone out there that knows enough about this to tell me for sure what the real differences are between Logic Studio 8 & 9?

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Check Wikipedia - of course there are more differences:


    Logic Pro 9

    On July 23, 2009, Logic Pro 9 was announced. A major new feature included "Flex Time", Apple's take on "elastic" audio, which allows audio to be quantized.[5] A version of the pedalboard from GarageBand was included, together with a new virtual guitar amplifier where the modeled components could be combined in different ways. There were also a number of improvements to audio editing, fulfilled user requests such as "bounce in place" and selective track and channel strip import, as well as an expanded content library including one more Jam Pack. Some of the bundled software, including MainStage 2 and Soundtrack Pro 3, was also improved. Logic Pro 9 is Universal Binary, although not officially supported for use on PowerPC computers.[6] SoundDiver, which had been quietly bundled with previous versions, was dropped, eliminating support for arguably the world's most popular synthesizer editor/librarian. As Apple has bundled so many software instruments with Logic, it is not likely that we'll see the return of integration with external synthesizer hardware to the Logic platform.[citation needed]

    On January 12, 2010, Apple released Logic Pro 9.1, an Intel only release, thereby officially discontinuing Logic for the PowerPC platform. Logic Pro 9.1 has the option of running in 64 bit mode, which allows the application to address more memory than in the past. Says Apple "With 64-bit mode, the application memory is not limited to 4GB as with 32-bit applications, so there is essentially no practical limit by today's standards.". Third party plug-ins that are 32 bit are still compatible, but will run from a 'wrapper' inside Logic Pro itself.

    On December 9, 2011, Apple announced that Logic Pro Studio 9 would no longer be available on DVD, and would only be sold via the Mac App Store. The price was reduced from $499 to $199.99 for the Logic Pro app, and $29.99 for MainStage. The download was just over 400mb, and 19gb of optional loops were available as in-app downloads.[7]

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    Thank you. This was VERY helpful & informative. I GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to write all this or copy it from wherever you did & paste it here. Lots of great info.