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I've gotten this a couple times now, the first time I just thought it was perhaps the website I was visiting, but with repeated occurrences of it, I am thinking it may be a Safari thing -


Seemed to be, if one was directed to a website page, or PDF in Safari before, that Safari opened up and displayed the PDF itself, but now it seems that it does not.  Now Adobe's PDF reader seems to need to be allowed to be trusted to be used to open the PDF, and it works horribly... scrolling is all over the place.


Am I missing something?  Does Safari now not automatically open and make PDF's available to be read online as before?  I didn't see any setting in preferences detailing any functionality of it.  Or, have just coincidentally, and for some weird reason, just happen upon sites where PDFs can somehow only be opened and viewed with Adobe?

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    Try this ...


    Open a Finder window then from the menu bar click Go > Go to Folder


    Type or copy paste the following:


    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins


    Click Go.


    If you see the:  AdobePDFViewer plugin (or anything Adobe related)  in the Internet Plug-Ins folder, move it to the trash.


    Quit and relaunch Safari to test.

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    Hello, Carolyn -


    Thank you for your reply and help.  I had both an 'AdobePDFViewer.plugin', and an 'AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin' in my Internet Plug-ins folder.  It took deleting them both for Safari to then open an online PDF as normal and before.


    How bizarre.  Apple must have put those Adobe plug-ins in themselves, with Mavericks and Safari 7.0, as I never did myself, and as I wrote, PDFs would open right up in Safari itself prior to my upgrading to Mavericks and 7.0 (I know, as I do a lot of research and reading online, and regulalry come across PDFs, and never had this come up until after the upgrades).  How weird.


    Anyway... thank you very much though for the advice, it helped and worked, and am back to normal, and all is good again.


    Thanks again, and all the best to you,


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    You're welcome Jeff 

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    Deleting all of the Adobe plugins still didn't work for me.  But Chrome seems to work just fine.

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    It works very fine for me!


    Thanks, Carolyn.

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    Carolyn (or anyone else who may have some thoughts on this),


    I also have been experiencing difficulty with online pdf's in Safari 7. I used to have things set up so that clicking on a pdf link would result in the file downloading for me to open on the desktop. Since upgrading to Mavericks, Safari now opens another tab that is then filled with lots of text:


    " %PDF-1.2 %âãÏÓ 1 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 2 0 R >> endobj 2 0 obj " etc.


    I can either right-click "save to.." or option-click, but...


    Anyways, I went searching as you described, but found no Adobe files in user/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. To be throrough, I also checked in the Admin/Library/Internet Plug-Ins.


    So, would anyone share either a way to enable Safari to automatically view the pdf's online, or a way to automatically download same for desktop reading?





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    Hi, Paul


    I'm most likely not going to be of any help, but, reading your situation, the only thing I could think of is in Safari's Preferences > General, at the bottom, you previously had the box checked to "Open "safe" files after downloading', and it perhaps is not checked now?


    Otherwise, what Carolyn kindly described for me, did work for me, allowing me to once again view PDFs online within Safari, without the Adobe interference.