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Hi there. I used to own an iPhone 3g.Always keeping a backup and when upgraded to iPhone 4g i restored my previous backup. Then iCloud came to our life and did that for us. I did the same with backup for my iPhone 5.

Now after so many years I need to format my iPhone but keep all the pictures.I can sync the Camera Roll but what about the rest albums.

There is an album named photo stream which is 1000 pics and after applying my icloud account to the iPhoto program I can see only a few of them(only since September 25th).

Last but not least in the albums in my iPhone there is an album named "Events" From my Mac and one more named "Last 12 Months" 1360 from my Mac


How can i also get these pics imported to my iPhoto librady.What do I need to do?

I was told about a third party app for my Mac which is iExplore but it costs almost 50U$ and after seeing the demo version it is almost the same with the iPhoneExplorer which I already have and didnt help me on that issue.


I have a Mac with Snow Leopard and one more with Mavericks.

I'm also using iPhoto 11 version 9.5

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2