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I know this sounds dumb but I have recently added a really long passcode to my iPad and I have now forgotten it. It's been a few days now since I have tried to unlock it and I have tried erverything so far. I think the only solution now is to restore my iPad but the problem is iTunes says I have to turn off Find my iPad from the iPad but obviously, I am locked out so I cannot do so. I went on the iCloud website and erased my iPad device but the problem consists: when I try to restore the iPad, iTunes still gives me the same message "You must turn off Find my iPad in order to...". I have successfully arrived to put my iPad into recovery mode but the problem is iTunes will not recognize the iPad. I know the cable, the computer and the iPad works because when the iPad is not on recovery mode, iTunes can recognize it just fine. I have also tried to put it on DFU mode and nothing happens either. What can I do?

(I have the 3rd gen iPad with iOS 7.0.3)

iPad, iOS 7.0.3