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I'm running a brand new 15" 2.3ghz 16gb, 500HD (of course shipped with Mavericks), anyway this sucker is LOUD, the fan fires up every time I do a photo import with Lightroom 5. My room-temperature is average and it's sitting on a cool table. I ran diagnostics and apparently there are no issues. Once the import is complete the fan shuts off after a minute or so. This is my first mac so maybe this is typical but I wasn't expecting an average task to push this power-horse and fire up it's fan so easily...... Love the machine otherwise.....

MACBOOK PRO (RETINA, 15-INCH, LATE 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I have been experiencing this too on my MacBook Pro 11,3.


    Even if I drag a small file from a folder to the desktop and back again, the fans fire up, as if I were editing HD video.

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    Exactly the same here.


    New MacBook Pro 15" 2.6Ghz 16GB, 512GB Flash and the dedicated graphics card, I took it out of the box yesterday and about 20 minutes after finishing setup I could hear the fans getting louder. I have noticed the front vents (by the screen bend) to get extremely hot, the aluminium bar across the top of my keyboard heats up too.


    It's my first MB so I just guessed this was normal ? Apparently not.


    I'm actually also finding my battery claims to only have 4 hours 30 left on full charge, and running it 'casually' last night I found it was dead after just short of 4.. so I'm a little worried as you would be after spending £2400 on a machine.

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    Having the same issue when today, I tried out the Steam Dota 2 on my Late 2013 - MacBook Pro 15' 2.3 GHZ 16 Gb, 512GB Flash.
    Seems like when running large processes, my mbp tends to act this way, Why is this happening ?? Can someone explain ??

    Or is it something wrong with my computer ??

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    You're running the highest spec MBP 15" too I guess then? I've heard people saying that the lower spec's aren't doing it as bad because there's no seperate graphics card.. so I guess it sort of makes sense? It's pushing out extra heat so the fans will have to run a little faster to keep everything cool.


    It does worry me though as the new body designs have the fans blowing hot air directly at the screen.

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    Install istat menus:




    Set Activity Monitor to ALL PROCESSES and CPU to display values from high to low.


    When the fans get loud, post images of the istat menu display and Activity Monitor for examination.



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    Unfortunately I'm also have issues with the fan spinning.  **** they get loud, sounds like an aeroplane taking off.


    Mine was sat at desktop when they decided to come on for a good 4-5 minutes.

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    After a lot of frustration going to Geniuses, begging to go to level 2 tech support, and even calling on my Joint Venture membership Genius privileges, I had just returned the notebook for a new one, as I was in the 14-day return period.




    My new MacBook Pro still experiences this issue, but it is not as intense or as troublesome.




    That Apple has not discovered this issue makes me wonder how they test their computers. One would have thought that this would have been discovered long ago and dealt with in the latest software update.




    My two MacBook Pro Retinas, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini ALL run harder, louder, and slower in Mavericks under the simplest tasks.




    Again, the easiest test is to move a file from A to B, from the desktop to a folder.




    This issue did not appear in Mountain Lion.




    As my JV rep said, "When you buy a Ferrari, you expect it to drive like one."

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    Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 22.45.21.pngScreen Shot 2013-11-11 at 22.47.11.png

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    producerlawson, greetings:  The temperatures that your display shows are high, but certainly not lethal and depending upon what applications that are open, may be 'normal'.


    The right hand display is not  what I am familiar with but I assume that 'Pro tools" and 'Skype'  are the two top users of CPU resources.  What happens when you shut down Pro Tools and then Skype?  There should be a dramatic drop in the CPU temperature.  What are the levels then?



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    Windows Software

    Hi there everybody, I am also a new Mac user and spent USD 3500 on almost the best model available and released in October 22nd 2013. MacBook Pro Retina, i7 (the best one), 16 GB of RAM and 512 SSD.


    After 17 years of Windows and PCs I decided to take the big step, and gush that I am not very happy with it. Although I am overcoming the learning curve, this high fan noise is driving me crazy and I am really thinking on selling it. This is one of the most expensive Laptops in the world, and I wouldn't have expected to have a prone  like this. The fan is extremely loud !!!


    I am also noting a very low battery performance, although I don't know if the promoted 8 hours of battery should be achieved with low brightness, no USB accessories and wifi and Bluetooth off.


    Does anybody knows if this will be addressed by a software update? Is there something wrong with the hardware?


    Thanks for your comments!

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    There's an app that lets you control how strong your fan is. The reason for the fan noise is your fan is running on full power when it's not needed, and you can tone it down with the app.


    smcFanControl: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/23049/smcfancontrol


    As for battery life, you will get 8 hours if all you do is do light web browsing or work on documents in apps such as microsoft word or pages.


    The moment you start using your mac's power for movies or gaming, don't expect to get more than 2-3 hours and that's pretty normal.


    if you do a mixture of gaming/videos and light web browsing/documents you should be getting about 4-5 hours of battery life.


    $3,500 is an expensive investment and you should be happy with your purchase. If you don't like it, return it!