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Hi, hoping for some guidance as I think I've made a mistake with my new hard drive set up, and now my time machine hasn't transferred everything over as I've folders missing!


My hard drive packed up & a new 10.6 was installed on my Macbook Pro.  Previously running on 10.5.8 which was backed up to time machine 3 week ago.  I switched on and went through the 'set up assistant' but when asked 'Would you like to inherit (or reuse) the backup?' I think I chose 'Don't backup now'  because I thought I could do my time machine later!  I now know I have chosen the hard route!!


Then I tried the 'migrate assistant' - it took 1.5hrs - desktop has screen shots etc as before but I couldn't access thing like 'my pictures' in bridge etc. The dock has LR, PS, Bridge etc as before too.  Then I deleted the new admin set up (so I had only my old admin.)  I restarted - no change.  I then tried 'migration assistant' again but transfered only 'Other files and folders' because when all ticked there wasn't enough room (-81gb) 


Now I can go into LR catalog it only has 2 folders (instead of more than 20), and in Bridge I have files & folders, but on accessing them I get 'Items could not be found. It may of been moved or renamed.'


I've looked into erase & install - but I don't have the disc. Maybe I should go back to the shop who installed 10.6?  Can I start again so I can transfer from time machine in the set up?


Any advise on how I can get my info back would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks, Heather

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)